Microsoft updating OneDrive with better web UI and sharing options

Microsoft is unveiling future changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service today at the company’s Ignite conference in Orlando. The software giant is improving the web interface of OneDrive, with a cleaner UI and the ability to easily see what content has been shared with others with a new people card and information pane. The interface also includes tweaks to the folder interface.

OneDrive for web

OneDrive will also be updated with improved sharing options for Office, Windows, and Mac. Office 2016 will see the new sharing pane in the coming months, and it allows OneDrive users to share documents to specific people or those in an organization. These updates will also be extended to the mobile clients, allowing you to quickly see what content has been shared with others and who has or hasn’t accessed it.

Microsoft is also making some other minor changes to OneDrive. ZIP file support will be included in the web view, and DRM or IRM files will now be fully supported on OneDrive. If you open a file on the web version of OneDrive, it will now open in edit mode rather than read mode, and the mobile and desktop apps will include sharing notifications when files have been shared. There’s a lot of other changes for Office 365 users of OneDrive, and you can check out the specifics for IT admins over at Microsoft’s OneDrive blog.

OneDrive for mobile


OneDrive is pretty sweet. It’s what I use since I already get 1TB of space for Office. I also have Google Fiber so I have 1TB of space on Google Drive as well. So much space I don’t know what to do with it.

If it would only stay logged in reliably I might use it but , for now, I continue to use Dropbox

Is that… Stories on OneDrive?
Ah no, just user accounts. Not today, I guess.

I really want a OneDrive Photos app that integrates into my phone like Google Photos does. Its the #1 feature I miss transitioning from Windows Mobile to Android.

the OneDrive app does sync your camera rolls and you can use the One Drive Photos page to view the images.

The Photos app in Win10 does a much better job of organizing images and does have AI which add more features. It would be nice to see the Photos app features built into OneDrive.

Aside from the keyboard, the Microsoft Photos app is the second biggest thing I miss about my Windows phone. While OneDrive syncs photos and videos, it’s not a gallery app like Google Photos or the built-in app on my OP5. This has caused my OneDrive to be littered with content because I can’t easily go through my camera roll on my phone, delete pictures, and they delete on OneDrive. I have to delete from my phone and OneDrive.

Call it Microsoft or OneDrive Photos, I don’t care, they just need something if they care about providing easy organization tools. It needs to be its own standalone app too, the OneDrive app isn’t the fastest thing.

Actually, I like the fact the when I sync with OneDrive on an iPhone I can delete photos off the phone without deleting them from OneDrive. I can manage my OneDrive photo library separately on my computer, where it is much easier to see everything on a big screen.

Yeah, but I like everything to reflect identically across my devices.

That’s why OneDrive is available on all device platforms, whereas iCloud is not. If you have an iPhone and an Android tablet (or vice-versa), OneDrive can make the same set of photos available on both devices. As well as all your other files. I get the annual $99 Office 365 subscription mainly because the free 1TB of OneDrive space is such a great deal. (And you can give out additional Office installations and 1TB OneDrive space to 5 family and friends.)

I’m well aware of how OneDrive works. I just want the experience I had on my Windows Phone where I can delete a photo from my photo gallery app and it also removes it from OneDrive. You could also simply uncheck the "delete from OneDrive" for people like you. That’s all I want, the option.

Honestly, it’d just be great if Microsoft—with its focus on making excellent software on other platforms—would get better at rolling out updates to make use of the new features on other platforms with any sort of urgency.

iOS 11 has been out for developers since mid-June, and yet it isn’t ready to support Files? You kidding? Even the Share Sheet functions that were added for iOS 8 still fail so often that I cross myself before I use them. And don’t even get me started on the baffling sync failures on Macs.

OneDrive will always be best on Windows 10.

They brought Windows Vista folders to the internet’s what an improvement …as long Office 365 suffers from loading screens everywhere with their slow and glitchy web services they will remain years behind Google.

Wait, you seriously think Office 365 is years behind Google’s offerings?

Yes the web based office apps are horribly slow and lacks many features compared to G Suite..

They killed it when they decided to not honor the Office365 subscription promised storage space.

I used to really like One Drive (while I’m very much enmeshed in the Google ecosystem, Google has always sucked hard at writing both good looking and usable software; it’s generally one or the other, and One Drive-to me-was superior in aesthetics and usability back then), then in 2015 they slashed the allotment you get for free, including existing users. Then, to make matters worse, I had a bunch of other promotional expansions to their storage that they decided to no longer honor…

Let’s just say the whole ordeal left an immensely distasteful taste in my mouth, and I’ll never use One Drive again.

Man, that pissed me off, but I was already pretty entrenched in the MSFT ecosystem, and my 1 TB from Office365 didn’t really need expansion. But yeah, horribly hostile to customers.

Better sharing options would be nice, given I`ve tried using it specifically for that purpose and both times its been a complete pain.

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