Vacuum company Dyson is building an electric car

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Dyson

Dyson, the UK company best known for its pricey vacuum cleaners, is building an electric car. The vehicle is set to be unveiled in 2020, and Dyson says it already has a team of “over 400 strong” working on the project. The company plans to invest over £2 billion ($2.6 billion) in the endeavor, drawing on its battery and digital motor expertise to further development.

Speaking to The Guardian, the company’s founder and CEO James Dyson said the car wouldn’t be a sports car, but would be “radically different” to current electric vehicles. He said consumers would have to “wait and see” to find out what it looks like. Dyson didn’t suggest a price, but warned it would be an expensive model: “Maybe the better figure is how much of a deposit they would be prepared to put down.”

Dyson announced the news in a letter sent to employees, where he discussed his long-held goal to reduce emissions from trucks and cars. “It has remained my ambition to find a solution to the global problem of air pollution,” wrote Dyson. “At this moment, we finally have the opportunity to bring all our technologies together in a single product. So I wanted you to hear it directly from me: Dyson has begun work on an battery electric vehicle, due to be launched by 2020.”

Not many other details are known about the vehicle at the moment, but rumors of Dyson’s interest in electric cars have been swirling for years. The company recently hired executives from both Aston Martin and Tesla, and Dyson’s ambitions in the area were accidentally disclosed in government document last year.

Founded in 1987, Dyson is best known for its home appliances, including its bagless vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, and hair dryer. The company’s sales have grown in recent years as it expanded into Asia, with revenue for 2016 reportedly hitting £2 billion ($2.43 billion). It’s also invested heavily in R&D, opening up new research facilities in both the UK and Singapore. Dyson says it hopes Asia will also be a big market for its future car. “We see a very large market for this car in the far east,” said Dyson.


If only I were a billionaire, I’d start my own and take on Tesla.

Why? I’d rather just buy a Tesla (or the sexy one Porsche is bringing out) and enjoy life.

No, I probably would still own one. But outside of Tesla, I don’t feel like enough car companies are being forward thinking enough for my tastes. I’d like to be involved in the market to push it forward.

Not a bad reason at all.

You probably wouldn’t be a billionaire for long because making some sort of car and developing it into a direction that isn’t taking off has proven to be an excellent way to burn a huge pile of cash within a short amount of time
There is a reason that there are not a dozen car start ups competing head to head but basically only one and there is also a reason traditional car makers are taking it kinda slow.

I hope it doesn’t suck!

Let me guess…

  • Condescending ad that tells you how they designed it properly
  • Made out of cheap plastic
  • Costs 3x more for some reason
  • "Has no wheels" but really there are wheels hidden behind a decorative cover
  • Won’t fit in places you actually want to drive it
  • Wipers will use air instead of rubber, leave the windshield annoyingly damp
  • Will be returned for a refund so frequently that "refurbished" models will always be readily available
  • Will have an inexplicably passionate following anyway

You’re overthinking it, it’s just going to be a giant plastic and rubber sphere.

Condescending ad that tells you how they designed it properly
Made out of cheap plastic

iPhone C?

The 5C was designed as a budget iPhone, all of Dyson’s vacuums are made almost entirely with cheap plastic.

I know, it was just a joke.

and don’t forget the terrible colour scheme.
But you will be able to see the inside of it..

World’s worst vacuum designer is going to make a car. This will be interesting.

I think I know how it might look like, considering the background of the company

"radically different"

They’re going to use balls for wheels aren’t they


Made by Dyson, If it sucks – it will do so efficiently

This is amazing news. Dyson is a brand I’d rather consider for my first all-electric car than any of the other non-Tesla polluting dinosaurs from the 20th Century who failed to position themselves for the next iteration of the car when they had a chance.

I have hated them (GE, Chrysler, Ford, Holden) since I was young. Now when I’m older I will vote with my wallet and #goodriddance to them.

The more competition, the better. I’m all for it

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