You can soon activate multi-step routines in Alexa with a single command

Saying “good morning” to your Echo could soon trigger a whole raft of commands. As part of the Amazon event in Seattle today, the company showed off a new API that lets developers build multi-step routines into simple Alexa commands.

In a demonstration, Amazon device VIP Dave Limp said “Alexa, good morning,” which triggered a sequence of events in the faux-home setting that Amazon set up in its headquarters for the event. First, the lights came on in the demonstration room. Then, a smart window shade rolled up, and Alexa began reading the news. Finally, a teakettle began to boil water.

To reverse the sequence, Limp said “Alexa, that’s too bright.” The lights turned off, the window shade went down, and the kettle stopped boiling the water. Developers will now be able to use the API to craft similar routines, Limp said. The updated API should be available shortly.


Finally! We’re getting closer to "scenes" in many home automation suites.

HomeKit on iOS already supports scenes and you can tell Siri "Good Night" and she’ll run your Good Night automation.

I think he meant that Alexa was getting closer to other existing home automation suites.

is there an alexa enabled tea kettle or were they just using a WeMo switch?

It’s too bright – so the kettle stops boiling? Oh well, still better than the skills that are so clunky to use they don’t actually get used.

Feels like a shot across the bow of IFTTT,
Admittedly, it’s the obvious progression of the device, but I’d still feel it were I IFTTT

Does IFTTT do multi-step routines? I tried using it to set-up the ability to turn off specific lights within a group of my Phillips Hue stuff (since you can’t apparently add one lightbulb to multiple groups, annoyingly), and I couldn’t get it to work out. Maybe I didn’t look long enough but "that" seemed to be one command only.

It does, but not well. Basically you just have to use the same voice trigger and hope that it will do them in the order you want them to. I have "Alexa, trigger bedtime" to turn off all my LIFX bulbs and also to turn off my bedside light table at 40%, but sometimes it dims the light and then turns it off (i.e. it went in a different order).

It would be nice to be able to do this – and set the right order – in the proper Alexa app and not have to go via IFTTT.

If you sign up as a IFTTT Maker you can create Applets with multiple "Than That" actions. Also it allows for javascript integration via "Filter"

Yonomi on iOS does multi step that can be triggered with a phrase.

Hopefully Logitech updates their app to take advantage of the new API. Alexa is very hit or miss with the Logitech Harmony at the moment.

Geez, how long have I been waiting for a Tasker for my smart home devices? Even IFTTT can’t freaking consider multiple situations.

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