Amazon introduces the Echo Spot, an alarm clock with a 2.5-inch screen

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Today, Amazon introduced the Echo Spot, a device with a small screen that serves as a kind of smart alarm clock. The Spot has a 2.5-inch screen and is an evolution of both the Echo Dot and the Echo Show, marrying a screen with the kind of small device that can be placed throughout the house, the company says. “It works great as an alarm clock. But it does a lot more,” Amazon devices chief Dave Limp said.

Like the show, the Spot can be used to make video calls. It has built-in sound, but it also has a line out so that it can be connected to external speakers via a cable or Bluetooth. It’ll also support streaming from services like Prime Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Amazon is hoping users will buy several little Spot devices to sync them up for multi-room audio support.

The Spot will cost $130. It can be preordered in the United States today and will go on sale in December.


This is really cool! With today’s announcements looks like there is an echo for everyone’s needs!

Am also wondering if these will offer Cortana too.

An echo for every room!

Even the closet

And a webcam in every bedroom!

Damn, they’re really throwing a bunch of products at the wall and seeing what sticks.

I’m all for it.

I like the idea but $130 seems a little too steep for me

I also wish I trusted the alexa service more, but something tells me it’ll collect far too much information to go along with my prime/kindle data. compared to what google gets anyway

the key factor here will be how dim the screen gets… it’s gotta get pretty dim in order to not blind you while sleeping

That, and how it responds if the internet goes down.
I have no clocks in my room, just my Echo, and it’s a great alarm clock. Of course, I’m too nearsighted to see a clock at night and sleep in a watch, so I’m not a usual use case. I’d imagine the light would drive me nuts, though, even if NYC lights my room fairly brightly, anyway. That’s more ambient than one bright thing in my eye when I roll over near it.

Agreed, e-ink might have made sense. Without the video calling, tho.

Good point. I like the idea but hadn’t considered that. This will be one of those wait for a few reviews before I purchase gadgets.

Amazon’s "See What Sticks" Event.

Amazon PM: What if your Nest was an alarm clock?

Bezos: DO. IT.

The price is a bit expensive, but it looks neat and better designed than the other echo devices.

Also, I cannot find out how to pre-order for the life of me.

That’s an expensive alarm clock.

I’ve got 7 dots but $130 seems like a little much for the added screen and ability to make calls. Maybe I’m missing something?

I have no investment in the Echo line of products, but I’ve been looking for an alarm clock pretty much exactly like this product. I would imagine the video calling is incidental to some of their hardware / software capabilities, and more about replacing an already existing device with a better Echo variant.

I’m curious of its functionality as a true bedside device for sure, though.

Um, paging Nvidia.

Chumby v2!

I like this, but I feel like they could have dropped the camera and the price. Personally I don’t really want an amazon camera in my bedroom, but maybe that is just me.

But an Alexa with a small screen to replace my clock? Sure.

Wot? No live stream the rumpy pumpy?

I like it. Clever idea, but I still don’t need a voice assistant.

Now Amazon can listen to everything you do in every room! Yay!

Google (or Apple) are already listening to everything you say, everywhere you go, all the time. That smartphone probably has a camera capturing images of your face every time you take it out your pocket too.
But I certainly do not want a device that’s sole purpose is to watch and listen all the time positioned next to my bed. Makes me cringe, even though I’m aware my phone already is.

It sees when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for Amazon’s sake.

Been a few months, boss. Would you like me to place a craigslist ad for you?

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