Microsoft to hold Surface keynote in London next month

Microsoft’s Panos Panay

Microsoft’s Surface chief will hold a keynote speech in London at the end of October. The software giant is holding its annual Future Decoded event in London from October 31st to November 1st, and Microsoft revealed to The Verge today that Panos Panay will be speaking. Microsoft typically launches new Surface devices in October, and sources familiar with the company’s plans tell us to expect at least one new device at the event.

Microsoft previously promised a Surface Pro LTE version, and we’re expecting the company to unveil this hardware alongside a possible successor to the Surface Book or the Surface Hub. Microsoft is also planning to launch ARM-powered Windows laptops this year from a range of PC makers. It’s not clear whether Microsoft will create its own Surface with an ARM processor, but company says it’s still on track for partners to release devices with Qualcomm chips.

“We are on track to see Windows 10 on Snapdragon devices become available this year as previously shared,” says a Microsoft spokesperson. “Microsoft and Qualcomm continue to work closely with our OEM partners ASUS, HP and Lenovo in bringing Always Connected devices featuring always-on LTE connectivity and great battery life to market.” The Verge will be live from Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in London to bring you all the latest on Surface and Windows 10.


Maybe we’ll see that USBC dongle as promised.

Surface Phone?

Please D: ????

Windows Mobile is dead, but Andromeda Os is on the way. Surface Phone Will get Andromeda instead of Windows Mobile which developers dont want

I’m pretty sure that they stopped work on Andromeda and took their interests in other directions.

You’re talking about Google’s project Andromeda

Lol Andromeda is already happening but some people fail to see it. Andromeda = merging of android and chrome os, and from recent chrome book updates Google is clearly hard at work crossing the features between the two. Out of Apple, Google and MS, Google is the most interesting since there is so much untapped potential in Android.

merging ecosystems is MUCH harder than you expect. Android is fundamentally not suited for a merging ecosystem with Chrome OS. Due to their business and update models. Future foldable devices with adaptive apps and UI and input is very difficult.

Before a Surface Phone, they need to make Windows 10 Mobile worth a damn.

Yes ! Surface Phone! Surface Phone!

company’s plans tell us to expect at least one new device at the event.

Surface Book FTW

I’ve been waiting a long time to upgrade my sp3…

A new Surface Book would be cool to see, but I hope Microsoft has made them more reliable. The first one is notorious with having poor build quality and crappy QC (along with any other Surface device).

I can’t wait for the surface book update! If apple fixes the deficiencies in their latest macbook pros soon, I’m going to have an impossible choice ahead of me!

If there’s not at least 1 TB3 port in every new Surface device I am going to flip tables…

Better clear your tables then

I had seen the Surface Studio and new Surface Book in video but I finally saw them in person recently and was blown away at how beautiful those devices are. Amazing build quality and the Surface Studio is damn near sci-fi. Simply the most impressive computer anything I’ve ever seen. Hope to see something else amazing announced.

They sure do look nice, but once you start using them (at least the Surface Book), you’ll want to throw it against the wall.

I hope Microsoft improves and quality of the next Surface Book and make them at least somewhat repairable, because once that battery swells up…

what exactly were your problems with the surface book? and was MS unable to fix/replace your unit?

My SB is two months old and so far zero issues. I heard a lot of crap happened when they launched but most I have heard and my own experience would suggest the issues with the SB are not much of a problem now.

Can’t speak for the Surface Book, but we’ve had 3 Surface devices in our family and none had problems. I know the person I sold my original SP1 to and it’s still working perfectly as well.

Surface Studio is an interesting concept with poor execution. For that price $3-$4K, I would expect the best in class I/O, SSD and 5-year warranty.

Surface Studio is a very niche device, it’s basically a concept/branding device for the Windows ecosystem. So it wouldn’t really matter to Microsoft if it didn’t sell a lot.

But history from new Surface hardware has shown that first gen is okish specs, but the second gen is when they have more powerful up to date ones.

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