Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 has broken presale records despite last year's disaster

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

The Note brand is still going strong despite Samsung recalling and discontinuing Note 7 devices last year for battery explosions. The company announced that more customers in the US have preordered the Note 8 than any other Notes it has ever sold in previous years during the same time period.

At a conference in Korea where Samsung announced the Note 8’s release in its home country, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh said it received 650,000 preorders within five days across the 40 countries it first launched in — 2.5 times faster than the Note 7. Samsung has not publicly announced the number for US-only presales.

Note 8 preorders went live in the US on August 24th and the device is one of Samsung’s most expensive smartphones to date, starting at $930. It’s unapologetically pricey, though Samsung did attempt to offset that price tag with some presale offers. Preorders before September 24th are eligible for a choice of a Gear 360 camera or a wireless charging bundle, and Note 7 owners were offered a steep discount if they traded in their current device for the Note 8. Carriers like T-Mobile have also offered their own deals, enticing customers to sign up for a new line and to get a full rebate on a second Note 8.

Judging by how popular Note 7s were last year before everything went down, it seems that little has deterred Note fans from upgrading — not even the price tag. Samsung also did not comment on how Note 8 preorders compared to its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus launches from earlier this year.

Update September 12th 9:40AM ET: This article has been updated with exact preorder number publicly shared by Samsung.


they break the records every year…sure m8, if you say so

Samsung is the best…just ask them, they’ll tell you.

Well they did actually have a record profit this year… I’m not sure why people on the verge are so surprised by Samsung success. There hasn’t been a proper note phone in two years.

There hasn’t been a proper Note Launch in three years, when the Note 4 was available everywhere and didn’t blow up.

My Note5 is outstanding. Cannot fault it. Had 4 and others before. Will wait until I can afford the 8. No hurry.

It was a good phone, sure, even if was dawn of a new note design philosophy. But it wasn’t available in Europe.

The only people that are surprised either hate Samsung or didn’t talk to anyone who owned a note 7. These people were nuts about the phone. At the peak of the fears over the phones exploding, some of them loved it too much to return the damn phone. That alone let me know this phone was going to sell well.

Why is that so hard to believe ? Not only their smartphones, but they broke records in the semiconductor business as well; Samsung has taken the crown from Intel this past quarter. Their OLED display business has also broken records this year with their deal with Apple.

No publicity is bad publicity! #proven

The real power of marketing my friends.

People just like phones with big screens..

And pens.

Pen is envy.


Here I am wishing they would make the EXACT same phone but like half an inch smaller.

I know I’m in the minority here but I just can’t use phone screens larger than 5.5 inches. And Samsung doesn’t seem interested in making a Note with a smaller screen…every year they go up another .2 inches. By 2025 we’ll just be carrying around Galaxy Tabs and…….wait a minute. That was their plan all along to make the Galaxy Tab line successful. Just gradually make our phones giant tablets. You diabolical geniuses!!!

The note is supposed to be a big phone. I’d be surprised if they went smaller.

I still don’t understand why people really thought the over heating issue would somehow kill the Note line. Some people really love them, and there will always be more who realize they want the pen.

LOL, I agree with you but find "over heating issue" to be quite the understatement.

The equivalent of the "exploding" exaggeration.

They burned. Period.

lol wow "burned" and then they burned houses and cars around them. That’s what you want your smartphone to do. That makes me feel better about the whole debacle.

I guess people are ok with spending $1000 on a phone after all? The next iPhone will be a real hit then.

Of course the next iPhone will be a real hit. Judging by your emoji that makes you unhappy…? Why?

I’m guessing another Android user with a little brother complex.

Why must people make everything about Android vs Apple. These are multi-billion dollar corporations, not your home team or something.

Relax and go outside sometimes.

Those Android users should all go to swappa, and buy an iphone for $300, and join your "superior exclusive club". /s

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