YouTube is taking down Tide Pod Challenge videos and oh my god don’t eat laundry pods

I’m not the first person to write this on the internet, and I won’t be the last, but good lord, DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS. Unfortunately, what started as a fairly ridiculous meme about how delicious-looking the detergent-filled gel pods are has spiraled into a dangerous meme, with people actually filming themselves eating the blighted poison packs for a shot at 15 minutes of internet fame in the “Tide Pod challenge.”

That buck stops here though, with YouTube commenting that it would remove any Tide Pod challenge videos, noting in a statement to Fast Company that “YouTube’s Community Guidelines prohibit content that’s intended to encourage dangerous activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm. We work to quickly remove flagged videos that violate our policies.”

According to Time, there have already been 39 reported cases of teenagers misusing the colorful laundry pods so far in 2018 by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. That may not sound like a lot at first glance, but is already a number on par with total incidents over the course of an entire year (39 cases in 2016, and 53 in 2017).

In an earlier statement to Time, Procter & Gamble (which owns Tide) noted that the company was “been working with leading social media networks to remove harmful content that is not consistent with their policies,” and that “laundry pacs are made to clean clothes. They should not be played with, whatever the circumstance, even if meant as a joke.”

So, yeah. Don’t eat laundry pods. The fact that YouTube considers it a violation of community policies and could take down your video, issue strikes against your channel, and possibly remove your entire account shouldn’t factor into this decision, but it’s 2018 and here we are.


You say ’don’t eat them’. But you don’t say ‘why’.
Are they poisonous?

Edit: Never mind, I guess they are poisonous. Sensible advice then.

Read the subtitle.

Or don’t. Survival of the fittest.

Do you really need to be told why you shouldn’t be eating laundry detergent?

Ok, but should I be eating dish soap?

If it feels good

Absolutely, as part of a healthy balanced diet it keeps your insides squeaky clean. Plus bubble farts are hilarious.

Given the very first comment here asks why, I guess you really do need disclaimers for everything. sigh

I swear to God!

Jesus. Is this a legitimate question? It’s laundry detergent. It’s LITERALLY a ball of chemicals. obviously it’s poisonous. Is something so wrong with our education system or parenting that this is not apparently obvious.

Nothing is ‘obvious’ in 2018.

Yeah but if you gave Youtube and a video camera to kids back then, you can bet things would be different.

An apple is a ball of chemicals, are the chemicals in Tide actually poisonous or just unpleasant?

Fun fact: Apples are poisonous too. We just don’t eat the poisonous parts. The seeds have cyanide. Alcohol (both ethanol and isoprophyl) is quite literally poison as well so that might not be a deterent.

Closer to the topic of the article, we should also tell people to stop giving any of these challenges attention. That’s why people do it. Money and attention. Plus, people have been doing stupid stuff like this for generations. Its not new. We just didn’t have a massive video sharing platform to escalate the issue.

Hmm. Explain how a "ball of chemicals" means poison. I believe everything is made of chemicals.

Sorry, I forgot to add the word ‘toxic’ to further solidify the incompetency of eating laundry detergent.

Please say your trolling….. at least a /sarcasm …. something!?!

Are you saying you would’ve ate one?

Oh lord, please eat one so your stupidity doesn’t get passed on genetically.

Now about those Logan Paul videos of him starting fires at his residence?

Wasn’t that Jake who was starting the fires at his house in his empty pool?

To play devil’s advocate a bit there (why am I defending Logan Paul?!), I’d say that the difference is in actively suggesting others do it. Starting fires at his residence is reckless sure, but he’s at least not suggesting everyone follow his lead; so not the same behaviour as eating a tide pod and suggesting others ‘do the challenge’.

Difference is that it takes a new level of stupid to start your own fire at your own home, compared to eating some laundry detergent.

I just feel like some people shouldn’t be allowed internet access. Or sharp, pointy things.

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