Amazon is raising the price of its monthly Prime membership from $10.99 to $12.99

Amazon is raising the price on Prime memberships for customers who choose to pay monthly instead of the full year upfront. The cost is going up from $10.99 per month to $12.99, according to Recode.

While the $2 extra per month may not sound like much, it’s an 18 percent increase that works out to an extra $24 per year. That raises the total annual cost for monthly membership to $156, instead of the previous $132.

In other words, customers who subscribe to Prime on a monthly basis, either because they can’t afford the full annual price upfront, or choose not to commit to a year at a time, are now paying an even higher premium over the $99 annual subscription rate, which remains unchanged.


I guess a hundo billion just does go far enough anymore..

What is this "hundo billion" you’re talking about? Amazon cleared out literally all of their cash reserves when they bought Whole Foods, and that was only 21 billion, so they have virtually no cash on hand. They make very little profit – only $347 million in the last quarter, which is 0.34 billion – $99.66 billion less than a hundo.

Wish they offered a cheaper shipping-only plan. I don’t watch their TV shows and their movie selection stinks. I pay the monthly whenever I need something in a hurry or need to make a bunch of purchases. Usually 6 months out of the year.

See, I don’t mind it’s only one plan and I hope that doesn’t change. My reasoning is simple: It was always $99 for the fast shipping only and I considered it a good deal back then. Every single addition is icing – not the cake.

Actually it’s called "the icing atop the cake". Otherwise you got it on the nose.

That wasn’t something you needed to correct boss, it’s obviously a play on that saying.

My reasoning is simple: It was always $99 for the fast shipping only and I considered it a good deal back then.

You may be misremembering: When it was "fast shipping only", the yearly subscription fee was $79. That price remained after they added the Prime Video features and some other features. It switched to $99 just a few years ago, just before they started adding Prime Music and Prime Photos.

I agree with your stance though: I don’t mind the price — it’s still a great deal for "fast shipping only" (I use it several times a week).

Corrected; but as you point out the premise still stands.

It was always $99 for the fast shipping only and I considered it a good deal back then.

Actually it was only $79 for quite a while – not always $99.

Don’t forget all of the stuff they moved to "Pantry" so they could charge you shipping.

Agreed. I don’t care for yet another movie streaming service or music streaming service. I already pay for those elsewhere. Not to mention storage. I also pay for that elsewhere. Just give me a shipping only Prime and I’ll join in a heartbeat.

i agree.
i could careless about amazon video
they need to allow me to only get shipping only

Same. I don’t any other service from them besides their shipping.

Here in India they doubled the price from ₹499(~$7.81) to ₹999(~15.64) per year in November.

A 100% increase? That’s insane.

Although it is still reasnable at ₹83.25(~$1.30) per month.

Oh, then it is totally reasonable. I thought what you posted initially was the monthly price.

Apparently this is the last straw for many. I’ve been trying to get in to cancel my Prime membership ever since receiving the email and I’ve been unable to because of technical issues. I assume this is due to many others doing the same thing.

They had problems loading member benefits for me. But the buttons where still there to cancel.

They didn’t raise the actual yearly cost of Prime, just the monthly payment. You were paying 33% interest to do monthly payments, which is crazy. Now they want 58% interest, which is outrageous. Why not pay ZERO interest and just pay the $99?

This is really just protecting themselves from the folks who jump in and out of services for a month or two at a time. Amazon is trying to capitalize on both their increased investment in content and holiday shopping season. Seems pretty smart, while not being all that unfair for the larger sect of their customer base.

I use Amazon a lot. I could live without the video and music though. I guess their failing shows are getting a bit expensive to produce. I’m sure the yearly cost will soon get bumped, or they’ll split the services out, like Alexa Services + Prime or just Prime. Of course after Alexa gets insanely popular so fewer folks will want to do without it. Isn’t that the way things work these days? Provide something that looks to be free, but not. Then either take it away or charge for it, and then charge more for it, and then more and more, more more…. Bah!

I’m fine with the monthly costs going up as long as the yearly fee stays at $99. There’s a couple Amazon Original shows I like so I appreciate the video portion. Music and storage I don’t really need.

It’s just a matter of time before the annual price changes. If monthly subs start cancelling or changing to annuals because of the increase in monthly prices then they’ll have to make up for that lost revenue somewhere.

Not sure there is lost revenue to make up for. I’m guessing they’re doing this to dissuade people from paying for prime during the holidays and then cancelling. It’s perfectly reasonable to only have it during the holidays if you like, but it’s going to cost you a bit more now. I imagine this results in higher revenue, not less, as people that maybe subscribed to only a month or two a year may decide to go ahead and do the whole year, and those that refuse to go for the full year will now pay more per month.

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