Google teases I/O 2018 with a pineapple cake and a series of riddles

Google I/O 2018 teaser

We may still be in the sleepy midst of a chilly winter, but Google’s developer team is already looking forward to the summer with a teaser for the 2018 edition of its annual I/O developer event, as first spotted by 9to5Google. Should you be savvy enough to crack the (binary) code of the initial tweet, you’ll get the URL, and there you’ll be presented with a Google Street View that lets you explore the reception area of what’s apparently a Google Developers building.

All the little hints that Google has scattered throughout that lobby point to the theme of sisters:

After a while, you might want to get past the lobby and through to the next room, and those hints about sisters will be your key.

It’s very much like the escape room puzzles you might find in the real world, except carried out in Street View and tuned perfectly to entice Google’s target audience of geeky problem solvers. The August date is likely just a puzzle prop rather than an actual indication of when Google I/O will take place this year. Google has traditionally hosted I/O in May, and there’s been no indication of that shifting this year. Heck, even the sister theme ultimately seems to break down after you get past the initial puzzle.

But here’s the tastiest thing in among all these teasers:

Google I/O 2018 teaser

Pineapple cake. Pineapple upside-down cake, to give it its proper name. At a time when Google is looking for a name for the version of Android that is to follow Oreo. Now this could be a very legit (and very early) revelation of the next Android version’s name. Or it could be just another juicy part of Google’s fiendish tease.

The puzzle was eventually solved with the help of more than 100 Verge readers who banded together in a Discord room. Our prize? The dates for Google I/O: May 8th to the 10th in Mountain View.

Update January 24th, 7:05AM ET: Post updated with news that the riddles were solved.


Sisters? What’s this hinting at? Something to do with two different systems working side by side? More Chrome OS/Android integration? That was kinda last year.
Anyone got an idea?

Android, ChromeOS, and Fuchsia!

That’s not pineapple upside cake – it’s just a cake with pineapples put on top. Where I come from, true pineapple upside down cake has the rings baked into the bottom and it is streaming in syrup.
I’m almost offended, Google.

That’s the only true way to make the upside down cake. Otherwise it’s just a cake with some fruit put on top.

Maybe the cake is a distraction, and the real name will just be Pineapple.

Google likes its cakes the way it likes its burgers.

Anyone figured out what the 3 numbers are to unlock the second door?

Got it, it’s 01 60 80!

That ‘cake’ looks inedible

Incredible lacklustre I would say.

I/O is May 8-10!

should just call the next version Android Polo

I read that as Android POLIO, for a moment.

Fresh and minty or full of holes?

Who cares, got Oreo recently and barely noticed a difference.

What Google should do is the silent behind the scenes updates ala Chrome browser and stop sensationalizing every mediocre OS release, especially when only like 20% of phones ever upgrade to a new one.

So I don’t care what they call the next one. If all that changes visually is the name, and its mostly back-end optimizations and patches, then just upgrade my phone if and when its ready and nobody really gives a rat’s ass about what the engineering team called the update.

I think that’s where they’re heading with things like Project Treble, for example. OS updates should just be about efficiency; new features should come through the Play Store.

So new features aren’t actually in the OS at all.

Welcome to Android where OS/apps modularity plays a big part.

Just referring the old lie about ‘Android’ being opensource – most of the stuff
that people regard as being ‘Android’ isn’t part of the open source, its part of Google’s proprietary closed apps. And, in reality, the OS is not actually usable without them.

Yes it is. And it’s a complete lie to say otherwise. There are people who, for whatever reason, hate Google and Apple so they buy Android phones and remove all the google services and the app store. I think they just use another app store but Android is still usable.

Android is open source what are you talking about?

Clearly you dont know anything about AOSP or apache license

Other people like it. If you don’t, you can completely ignore it and I guarantee it won’t make a difference in your life.

Google’s new design team is the Brass Sisters?

Maybe there’s further info that can be found from that?? Page number in a cookbook or ingredients!

That cake looks terrible. No one at Google had access to a real pineapple upside down cake?

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