Google is combining Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service called Google Pay

Image: Google

Google just announced that it’s combining all of its different payment services, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into one unified service, simply called Google Pay.

With the new system, payment information saved in your Google account will be available everywhere you use Google products: in Chrome for web purchases, in YouTube for renewing your subscriptions, in apps on Android for in-app purchases, and at retail outlets with NFC payments.

According to Google, apps like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, and Instacart already support Google Pay, with more sites and stores set roll out soon over the coming weeks.


You beat me to it! We’re all thinking that…

Haha same same… of course we are !
Hopefully it will spread efficiently abroad.

Haha you’re funny

Knowing them, they’ll probably build a messaging app within Google Pay. So you can talk to people you owe money to!

Yes, we need to automate the "check is in the mail" response.

Why build only 1 when you can build 3?

They should have NEVER made allo. Hangouts had some users on it, though not as many as it should have. Instead of gutting hangouts features and making allo, they should have redesigned it, and marketed the hell out of hangouts. Get users on it, and push it as an iMessage alternative. But no, of course Google just had to mess up messaging for Android.

Google bit more than they could chew when they announced Hangouts. It originally promised to incorporate MMS and Google voice but those features took forever or were cut.

Those features (MMS/SMS via Google Voice in Hangouts) exist. I’m not trying to be snarky, but I make a point to be sure everyone knows this when this discussion comes up. As another poster said, though, it just doesn’t get marketed and really isn’t all that simple to set up and manage (but generally works well after it is).

What would make the most sense to me is for them to complete the Google Voice re-design. The newer website looks nice and slick, but the Android app is still missing a few features that I get when using Voice through Hangouts. And there’s no stand-alone PC app. Seems like an easy fix for Google.

The downfall of Hangouts was splitting SMS/MMS & Chat into separate threads. I completely agree that Voice is the best way forward in the US but I don’t think that’ll work anywhere else.

Also when using the hangouts website not being able to create a new sms thread using your google contacts. I have all the data in googles ecosystem, why can’t they integrate the two.

Especially frustrating considering they let you continue an existing one!

If you have a Google Voice account Hangouts is still the best option for Android users who know how to use it.

"iMessage alternative".

As in, if you’re on Android, this is what we have instead of iMessage. That would be great for a lot of iPhone users thinking about switching.

Until they’re pissed off and hate their phones when they realize Hangouts is nothing like iMessage.

Hangouts is far too bloated. They were right to jettison that garbage. But replacing that with more garbage nets you only garbage at the end.

They’re supposedly positioning Hangouts as a Slack alternative since so many enterprise clients already use it as a messaging app. They’re just doing it super slowly. Or something.

Or just redesign the app that already had users, which was hangouts. It didn’t need to stay bloated. But between hangouts and allo, hangouts actually had more users.

Google will merge them once it has a message app that starts with every letter of the alphabet.

Messaging next??

let be realistic…..messages has been a mess far longer than their fragmented payment system. They will probably add a new messages app.

A messaging app with built in payments.

And a payments app with messaging built in as well because Google can never have enough messaging apps.

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