Limited edition Xbox One makes Taco Bell ‘bong’ noise at startup

Xbox One X in partnership with Taco Bell.
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A strange but intriguing new promotion from Taco Bell and Microsoft will soon make Doritos and Mountain Dew passé for the gaming elite.

Taco Bell customers who purchase a double chalupa box for $5 beginning tomorrow will automatically be entered to win a very special limited edition Xbox One X console that includes “Taco Bell’s famous ‘ring’ when powered on,” according to a press release. Yes, Taco Bell’s infamous little bell that rings at the end of commercials. It’s like Pavlov’s dog experiment come to life: hear the ring when you power up your Xbox One X, hit up Taco Bell.

The console, which includes a nifty monochromatic design scheme exclusive to Taco Bell and Microsoft’s promotion, comes with an “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold,” according to the press release. Xbox One X consoles currently retail for $499.99.

A console will be rewarded every 10 minutes between October 18th and November 21st. Winners are expected to receive their consoles 72 hours after winning. The contest’s official rules are listed on Taco Bell’s site.


You can only win it by purchasing a double chalupa box

Challenge accepted!

Also not true.


An eligible entrant may obtain an entry code ("Code") using one (1) of the following three (3) methods (some methods are only available during specific time periods, as noted below). Entrants may only obtain Codes either through a legitimate restaurant purchase or for free as described below. Codes may not be sold, bartered, or transferred. Codes are void if not obtained through authorized means. Each Code is valid for one (1) Game Play, as defined in Section 4, during the Game Period.

Make a Purchase: During the Game Period, an eligible consumer who purchases the Taco Bell Xbox $5 Box from a participating Taco Bell restaurant, while supplies last, will receive one (1) Code printed on the Taco Bell Box. Not all Taco Bell restaurants will participate in the Game.

Without a Purchase (Mail-In Code Request): To obtain a Code without making a purchase from October 5, 2018 to November 12, 2018, an eligible consumer must legibly hand write his/her full name (no initials), complete street address (no P.O. Box), age, and valid e-mail address on a 3½" x 5" properly stamped postcard and mail it to: Taco Bell® and Xbox® Game Code Request, P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. Requests sent in an envelope will not be accepted. Mail-in requests must be postmarked by November 12, 2018 and received by November 18, 2018. Administrator will send one (1) Code by e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the request. Limit thirty-two (32) total Codes per person/email address via Mail-In Code Request. Mail-in requests will not be returned and no further correspondence will be entered into. Mail-in requests must be original and hand-written. No mechanical reproductions are allowed.

So $16 in postage, plus $2 for 32 cheapo postcards, plus 15 minutes of your time for a tiny chance of winning a game box to enable you to waste even more time.

Dumb either way.

Does this edition also include powering down the Xbox resulting in a trip to the restroom?

It’s kind of a Pavlov’s Dogs reaction.

Damn that monochromatic colour looks so slick!! I can’t believe they wasted it on a Taco Bell promotion!

Yeah it is really nice looking and I agree it is shame that it was only for the TB giveaway. But, I assume since TB will be giving away over 145,000 of these X consoles that more than a few will make their way to Ebay for those interested in getting one.

I know they sort of did it with the Halo Reach 360 and the Ghost sound, but we need an Xbox with the Halo choir as a start up.

Theres only 1 "bong" noise that I know of


I wonder why Xbox always goes for those partnerships with Doritos or Taco Bell. They surely could be a sponsor of the UEFA or other very cool sport events like the X Games and offer viewers to win those nice looking consoles.

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