Google Home will play music and sound effects when you read Disney storybooks

Image: Google Home

Google has partnered with Disney to enhance story time reading with the Google Home. Now you can start reading one of Disney’s Little Golden Books out loud and your Google Home device will play music and relevant sound effects along with you.

To use the new feature, just say, “Hey Google, let’s read along with Disney.” Then the Google Home will use voice recognition to sense where you are in the story. If you decide to flip ahead or go backward in the story, say if your kid asks you to repeat a fun part, your Google Home will sense that and switch its music and sounds to reflect where you are. If you pause, perhaps because your kid has a question, the Google Home will play ambient music in the background until you start reading again. (Since the feature depends entirely on voice recognition, if you were to flip a few pages without saying a word, it wouldn’t be able to tell.)

The Disney Read Along feature on Google Home currently supports these books: Moana, Coco, Jack Jack Attack, The Three Little Pigs, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and his Spaceship, Toy Story 3, Peter Pan, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. The feature is now live.


This sounds awesome. I might have to buy one or two of these books and try it out with my daughter

This actually makes me want to switch to using Google Home instead of the Echo for a similar reason

Nothing I love more after a long day at work than sitting down with my kids and surreptitiously marketing products to them and providing a mega-corp with scores of information about them.

They’re gonna get that information anyway. We might as well get something in return.

With you on the first, but I’ve no idea what information Disney/Google can get from this other than ‘might have kids who have books read to them’.

That’s just a general statement on having these corporate listening devices in your home. Lots of parents think it’s cute to see their kids interact with these assistants, but I find it horrifying that folks are willingly providing these companies with reams of data about their children that can be used to insidiously market garbage to them for the rest of their lives.

Between the camera and this ridiculously cute feature, Google is nailing it. I might have to make the switch to the Pixel 3. . .

what does the pixel , phone have to do with home lol

Doesn’t the Pixel 3 function as a "home" while on the wireless charger? Heard it, but haven’t confirmed. So, related-ish.

Also, don’t most (if not all) voice features of the Google Home function identically with the Google Assistant baked into Android?

A really cool innovative function taking storytime to the next level. Anything to get the youth excited about reading is a very good thing. So, I applaud Google on this feature…


I have one of these books, cant wait to try it later. Hopefully it works as good as it sounds.

Just tried this…. Actually with the eBook version of The Little Pigs. The only hardcover I could find was Planned which isn’t supported.

Pros… It works.

Cons… The timing is strange. Could be because I used an eBook and possibly it uses the sounds of pages turning to trigger things. However, it still adjusted based on my reading/voice, but maybe I need to figure out the pacing better to compensate for a slight delay. The bigger issue for me was that the music should be softer and the sound effects should be louder and more often.

This is an interesting concept, but it needs to be improved.

agreed with this entire statement. I went through Cinderella last night and the music was loud, didn’t change as often as I expected it to, and there were very few sound effects. Some room for improvement, but I think it’s a great concept and will only get better with time.

i really wanted to love my Google home mini, but google’s cheap-ass hardware made me sell it & keep using echo dot.

We really love and enjoy this new Google Home feature as a family! We owned the majority of the books already, so we were able to jump right in. We did however buy the ones we didn’t have, since the kiddos enjoyed it so much. Just a heads up for those looking to add "Mickey’s Christmas Carol" to their library that the new version of the book is a Target exclusive. Also, one compatible book that wasn’t listed is "Mickey Mouse Goes Christmas Shopping" and is a Barnes and Noble exclusive. We actually picked it up today and works just like the others. The Barnes and Noble website also has "Mother Goose" listed as compatible, but it currently does not work. Maybe it’ll be one of the future releases this year that Google mentioned. I also checked with a local Walmart to see if they had an exclusive, but said as far they knew they did not. Hope this helpful to anyone that may be interested in trying this feature.

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