Apple resumes iPhone X production in face of weak XS sales, report claims

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Apple has resumed production of the iPhone X due to weaker than expected demand for its latest XS and XS Max models, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The move is allegedly due to an agreement made with Samsung to purchase a certain quantity of OLED screens. With this year’s OLED-equipped models failing to sell in the quantities needed to fulfill the terms of the deal, the report suggests that Apple is turning to last year’s model for a solution. Apple ceased selling the iPhone X in stores when the XS was first released.

The iPhone X is thought to be cheaper to produce than the XS or XS Max thanks to its age, which means components and manufacturing equipment is cheaper, according to the WSJ report. In the past, legacy models have been produced when there’s enough demand for them in certain markets.

The news comes amidst reports that Apple has cut production orders for all three of its new models of iPhone due to lower than expected demand. The cheaper iPhone XR is thought to be particularly struggling, as budget-conscious customers opt instead for last year’s iPhone 8, which continues to be available and is priced lower than this year’s budget model. It was a similar case with the company’s previous budget effort, the iPhone 5c, which saw its sales pick up the year after its original release as mainstream consumers caught on to its existence.


The XR is really serviceable as a phone.

If Apple wanted stronger XS and XSMax sales…they would have made the XR smaller for people that want a smaller phone.

That tied in with product confusion and a lack of need to upgrade and here we are.

Yup, still holding on to my SE. Is it just not possible anymore to make smaller phones or what?
Even something like XR (5 inch, A11, $650), XR+ (6.1 inch, A11, $750) would have made more sense to me. And iPhone XS price is just too high in general, how do I justify buying that when my SE still does about everything I want.

I’m not sure Apple just decided to do the big phone, I think the XR is probably about as small as it could be given the tech in it and the price point, miniaturization costs money. If you shrunk it down to a 5 inch screen what would give? The battery would have be be tiny…. If they can bring it down to the size of the regular 6/7/8 that might be the sweet spot for most, the regular X/XS is noticeably larger than that still after all.

ummm what?

if you shrink a screen, yes the battery is smaller but then the screen takes less power because less pixels.

You will also find that the X and XS are almost the same size as the 6/7/and 8…its just the screen is almost the entire size of the body without the massive bezels.

The XS Max is the size of the plus models.

Even with the 6/7/8 the se was still a good size device.

Now surely even the most fervent iPhone lover has to have a laugh at the idea of a smaller XR with an even lower screen resolution than it already has.

As long as the screen is 326ppi WGAF?

Gee I wonder why you picked that number…

310 is unusable, 350 is just gonna blow through your battery


You realize most moms and grandma’s don’t go Into a Verizon store asking about the resolution numbers. If it looks good to the eye that’s good enough for the majority of people buying a phone.

There is a vocal MINORITY that wants small phones. Most people don’t. If they did, Apple would sure as shit sell a smaller model.

People just don’t want them, no matter how much crying you see in the tech press’ comments section.

Re: XS and XS Max—most normal folks just don’t see the need to spend that kind of coin when a less expensive device can do the same things. How many normal people, the ones who get their phones from a carrier store, know what OLED is or care about stainless steel banding?

Apple pushed the limit with their pricing and we’re seeing the results. I think that’s what this is all about.

Completely untrue. The market is bifurcated. Steve would have had enough sense to produce just two sizes like he did with the iPad. Instead, Cook made variations of phablets. Come on, even you have to admit that’s a dumb move.

The X/XS is nowhere near phablet territory – it’s already a small phone.

The guy was talking about the XS and XS Max. The XS is 5.65" and the XS Max is 6.5" and the iPad mini is 7". That’s 1.35" and 0.5" differencefrom the iPad Mini. How is that "nowhere near phablet territory"? lol

For starters the aspect ratio? The iPhone X is basically the same size as an iPhone 8 or 7 or 6. Max is like the Plus versions of those phones. Just instead of bezels there is more screen. Having owned both an iPad Mini and XS they are nowhere near the same size. A 7.9" 4:3 is huge compared to the 5.8" 2:1 XS.

Yeah you need to look at overall device size not diagonal screen measurements

The huge bezel is what makes the iPad look so much bigger.

Mini is 8"….
Well it’s 7.9" but who the fuck round 7.9" to 7"?

Someone who wants to compare screen sizes but ignore bezel sizes.

Nonsense. Cook is a numbers guy, he wouldn’t turn his back on the small phone if it’s sales were substantial or significant.

The vocal minority that wants small phones jumped on the SE when it came out, still have them and that was it.


People bought the SE but much of that was because it was the cheap iPhone – Apple does not want people buying cheap phones.

I’m trusting Tim Cook and Co. to know far more about the market than you do.

It isn’t about knowing what people want tho. It’s about what will people buy given the market offerings. People can want a 4" screen all day long, but if the same group will buy a 5" phone for a little more money then that’s what Apple is going to sell.

Forget Steve. He wouldn’t have released a larger phone.

As an Apple fan I welcome this news if it means cheaper iPhones down the line. I honestly think most people bought in to iPhone X because it was the "anniversary edition" while the cheap regular 8/8 plus was normal edition. Now that $1k phones weren’t a one off thing and a new reality people are voting with their wallets.

Steve contradicted himself many times over the years. So I wouldnt write in Stone everything his said.

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