Apple working on Animoji in FaceTime and tabs for iPad apps, says Bloomberg

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Last month we learned that Apple is reportedly focusing on reliability and performance in iOS 12 over new features, and now we’re starting to hear about more of those features that will arrive in iOS at some point in the future. Bloomberg reports that Apple will bring its Animoji characters to the iPad, thanks to a new model of the tablet that has a Face ID camera. Apple is also planning to bring Animoji to FaceTime, so iOS users can put virtual emoji over their faces like the filters found in Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

The new software features are part of a new iOS release codenamed “Peace,” says Bloomberg. The release will also reportedly include universal apps that work across iPhones, iPads, and Macs. These apps sound similar to Microsoft’s own work with Windows Universal Apps that run across pcs, tablets, phones, and even devices like the HoloLens headset. iOS 12 is also said to include improvements to the Do Not Disturb feature, and a redesigned built-in stocks app. While Apple is planning some software updates this year, it sounds like the bigger iOS features won’t arrive in time for iOS 12.

Bloomberg reports that redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay won’t arrive in 2018, and that iPad owners will have to wait until 2019 for significant software updates. The iPad will reportedly get tabs within apps so you can run several windows inside a single app, and the ability to run windows from the same app side-by-side. Tabs have typically been used in browsers, but macOS was updated with this feature a couple of years ago and Microsoft is also planning to bring tabs to every Windows 10 app over the course of the next year. Apple is also reportedly holding out on new Apple Pencil features, and a simple toggle in the email app to mute threads.

The delays are part of what is being described as an internal culture shift at Apple, allowing engineers to work on new features without having to cram them into a single annual update. Apple Pay Cash and iCloud message sync both missed the iOS 11 update schedule, and Apple has been battling a number of software and security bugs in macOS and iOS 11 recently. If Apple can spread out its feature updates into steady point releases for iOS then this should hopefully allow for more test time and less bugs and crashes.


Apple needs to merge Facetime and iMessage. Everyone else has done this, apple is a straggler at this point.

What do you mean by "merge"? I’m not really seeing what a combined FaceTime and iMessage might look/work like.

I mean, if you tap their face in iMessage, the FaceTime button is right there?

I think he means like, you could be on a video call with someone and have the chat interface available right there, all in the one app rather than separate apps.

Ideal for desktop mainly. Think Skype.

Tabs within apps sounds great! Sadly the main nuisance on my iPad is just a bad app, which isn’t something Apple can fix.

I’m surprised Notability in particular doesn’t have tabs already tbh.

Shame we won’t see it until next year. Maybe Apple should start doing more incremental upgrades with new features, rather than a big one each year.

Yeah, I would be totally fine with the .1, .2, etc versions including a new feature and not just bug fixes for the features the rushed into the prime version. It would help keep some enthusiasm going throughout the year for releases and make me want to actually update rather than postpone 20 times because it couldn’t perform the upgrade overnight for some reason.

Damn time passes I can’t believe we are already talking about iOS12. It feels like only yesterday I got my 3GS well not exactly yesterday but damn time moves fast.

Such important features we’re now working on.
Does anybody use that much-hyped "Digital Touch" feature on the watch? I heard about it at the announcement and then….crickets.

I use it once in a while. Doesn’t really improve my life

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