Samsung is finally updating its terrible emoji

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Samsung has had a bad rap when it comes to emoji. Aesthetically speaking, they’re pretty fug, and worse, the yellow globs often don’t correspond with emoji on other platforms. So sometimes you’d be sending what you thought was a shocked face, but would really show up as a hungry face instead. It’s a common issue between platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft, and so on, but the difference is much more distinct with Samsung.

However, that’s set to change now that the company is rolling out Android Oreo to its phones. The updated emoji library (from Samsung Experience 8.5 to Samsung Experience 9.0) now has emoji that are more in line with other operating systems emoji sets:

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The new emoji won’t have an angled, tilted face, and almost all of the facial expressions have been tweaked. Some animal icons like the cat emoji have also changed colors to be more streamlined with other operating systems, and changes have been made to popular emoji like the nail polish hand, man dancing, and alien.

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More importantly, the update solves this sacrilegious mistake of Samsung representing chocolate chip cookie emoji as crackers:

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There are still a number of divergences, though, including the men / women with bunny ears emoji which show up on Samsung as one person rather than two.

Among the new emoji are a star-struck face, an exploding head, and a face with a monocle. Samsung is also setting the default emoji skin color to the standard Simpsons yellow like those found in other emoji sets.

Image: Emojipedia

Samsung is releasing Experience 9.0 as part of its Android Oreo update for Galaxy S8 users.

Just spare a thought for Jessica Chastain, though:


I’m shamefully going to be honest and say this is the most appreciated thing about the update I received today

If I’ve learned anything about Verge articles about emoji, it’s that I apparently have the complete opposite tastes in them as their staff. lol

Also, something about the overuse of adjectives to color a story.

Also, it’s a lie that the Samsung "shocked" emoji is an emoji with blue drool coming out its mouth, but whatever sells clicks. ;D

It’s the other way around, the "drooling face" emoji on Samsung 8.5 looked shocked more than anything else:
8.5 (old):
9.0 (new):
It’s easy to understand why some people (like in Jessica Chastain’s linked tweet) would use the former, thinking they’re sending a shocked face, while the person on the receiving end (on a non-Samsung device) receives a happy drooling face.
It’s even more confusing given that at a small display size (like within a standard block of text), the drool was barely noticeable.

To be fair, and I may be wrong as I don’t live in Korea, but could this be a cultural interpretation thing?

Still blows my mind knowing that someone thought this was a good idea for an emoji

This emoji symbolizes everything wrong with samsung

It blows my mind that people don’t think it’s the greatest emoji ever made.

I am not joking when I say Samsung should submit this to the Unicode consortium for consideration as a standalone emoji.

I want a custom keyboard that sets every emoji choice to this.

I just want my blobs back

You take that back

I am one with the blob, the blob is with me. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Lol that looks like Drekwiz

Am I the only one who thinks the originals are hilarious? I’ve never seen them before and they’ve got me dying. Bring that shit back!

I’m more interested in Android Oreo rolling out to S8’s. That’s happening now?

Yeah, and what about the S7s? Any updates coming there or are they not getting it?

It’s pretty weird to see a phone-centric tech site do a big article on emojis that just sort of throws out as a small aside that the highest sales volume 2017 Android flagships (and possibly other Samsung phones, it was that vague) are getting a huge software update, with no links to or articles about that roll-out.

I’m not saying you can’t do an emoji article (or an emoji movie- although I wouldn’t recommend doing the movie ). I would just think rolling out the emoji as the headline and sort of mentioning the big OS upgrade rollout as a vague one sentence aside is a huge case of burying the lead. Do two articles instead and have them link to each other- or one article covering both things.

The s7 will get oreo, and now even the s6 will get oreo. Its 3 years of updates now for samsung phones instead of the previous 2

Thank goodness, it’s embarrassing not knowing which emojis translate to what on other phones because they’re so damn ugly looking on my Note. Never been so excited for a major Android OS update

I’m interested in a lot of other things in the update, but honestly this is the most important. It’s not even possible to get the Android emoticons back with a different keyboard.

I can finally stop pasting emoji into WhatsApp (before sending them in whatever other app), just to see what they really look like.

Oh yeah, this is the most important part of the update. I text everyone with the most important messages I have to deliver. So misinterpreting emojis across platforms is a constant legal battle for me. One time, a frowny emoji I sent in a critical business meeting I was having via text was misinterpreted as a nervous-sweaty-guy emoji, and it cost me $35,000.

Yes, this was sarcasm. This has never affected me. Know why? Because I’m older than 20 yrs old.

People like to have fun in casual conversation regardless of age. Try it sometime.

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