Google sold 3.9 million Pixel phones in 2017

Google Pixel and Pixel 2
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

In the 16 months since its initial release in October 2016, Google’s Pixel family of phones has earned plenty of acclaim and scrutiny, but not very many sales. The latest update on Pixel sales comes from IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo, who notes that Google shipped 3.9 million Pixel and Pixel 2 devices in 2017. That’s no more than a rounding error when set against the global smartphone market that numbers 1.5 billion units, and it’s also less than a typical week’s worth of iPhone sales for Apple.

Though still comparatively tiny, Google’s Pixel sales are at least heading in the right direction. According to Jeronimo, the rate of sales has doubled in 2017, and the most recent data from Kantar Worldpanel agrees with this, indicating that Google’s share of the US phone market has gone up from 1.8 percent to 2.8 percent. Admittedly, these are still small figures increasing in small fragments — rather like watching the proliferation rate of the latest Android update, it requires a lot of patience — but Google’s commitment to being a hardware maker has never been greater. Having recently acquired HTC’s smartphone design team for $1.1 billion, Google will be hoping to build on the strength of its world-best Pixel camera technology by creating more appealing devices in 2018 and beyond.


I don’t think those numbers are too bad considering they’re exclusive to Verizon so most Americans can’t use monthly installments

That’s not accurate. You can buy it directly from Google in installments as well. People just aren’t as familiar with buying phones from their manufacturer rather than their carrier in the USA.

thats true but as you said most people arent familiar with that option, but if the other 3 carriers offered the phone i would think the sales would be a good bit higher

Put it this way. I doubt Google has sold enough Pixels to break even with the marketing they’ve spent on them since their introduction. So their employees use them, bloggers and vloggers use them, and some smattering of people influenced by them use them. Winner winner robochicken dinner. At least Google has their caustic ad business to always save face with the microsecond traders, eh?

So their employees use them, bloggers and vloggers use them, and some smattering of people influenced by them use them.

You forgot ‘informed consumer.’

Oof, I cringed.

They are only offering with one carrier in the US and in few countries. I suspect they will scale up production and increase distribution.

Google entered the browser space and it took years before dominate. But kept creating the best browser and they won the space. Think it will be the same here. I personally have a Pixel 2 XL and simply an incredible phone.

If the phones were available at other carriers they might have sold a lot more, another thing that doesn’t help them is the fact that they didn’t have them in stock, people got tired and went and bought something else.

I did that, and I couldn’t be happier. I have the best phone I’ve ever had (Pixel 2 XL) unlocked, with Google insurance…and the option to jump over to Google Fi if I travel abroad. I really couldn’t be happier having switched from the iPhone. I do not miss iCloud one bit.

Google’s own marketing didn’t help – for the 1st year of launch, each Pixel ad in the US ended with "Only on Verizon" which was more than misleading, but actually inaccurate. It meant that anyone who didn’t read tech blogs didn’t know Google also sold it unlocked.

Only after a year did it say "Get it on Verizon," which is technically accurate, but I still think it hobble’s Google’s effort to sell phones. Keep in mind that the iPhone’s market share was WAY lower when it was carrier-locked to AT&T.

I’m not sure you can compare market share with the early iphone. The second iPhone was the 3G in 2008.

Plenty of people buy phones through Amazon, so your statement is false.

Boy, all those long lines buying iPhones at Apple Stores or the huger bunch of people ordering them online must somehow be familiar with the possibility?

Most people simply don’t want to buy Pixels. The high end phone race was won by Apple, with the only visible second place by Samsung. The rest of buyers are looking for cheap(er) phones and Pixel doesn’t even touch Apple withe $349 iPhone SE in that category

Apple’s been moved their ordering system to an online reservation system. It’s why you see higher numbers of sales pushed out than when there were huge lines but now no lines..

FYI, the world smartphone market including the pixel 2, is bigger than just America.

not exactly a massive percentage of the worlds population

Yeeah, that’s like 500m people in the Europe only, myself icluded, not being able to buy the pixel even if they wanted. That’s not very effective way of doing business.

Well I don’t buy this explanation from 2005 anymore. Google is already selling it online, why to restrict? Oneplus was all over the place in the matter of months. And retailing.. HMD did it almost instantly, companies like Razor are retailing in brick&mortar stores already.

Pixel is one of those Google projects made just for the show, they really don’t have the motivation or interest in it. At least not at the moment, probably never.

It’s a bit silly really. Such a good phone, and most of the world’s population can’t buy it for love or money.

Argue the relevance but this just made me miss Nokia even more.

Same here, but I’m looking forward to MWC2018 when Nokia is supposed to introduce the Nokia 9.

If that fails to impress me, then I will be getting a Pixel 2.

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