Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro laptop has incredibly tiny bezels

Huawei isn’t bringing a new flagship phone to Mobile World Congress this year, but it does have a trio of larger-screened devices to show off. First up is Huawei’s new laptop, the MateBook X Pro. Like last year’s MateBook X, it has an attractive design with even thinner bezels around the display — Huawei claims a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio.

The touchscreen is 13.9 inches diagonal and 3000 x 2000 resolution for a Surface-style 3:2 aspect ratio. As the bezels are incredibly small, Huawei has built the webcam into the keyboard of the MateBook X Pro, but this change doesn’t look like it will avoid the awkward camera position found on devices like Dell’s XPS 13.

Huawei’s crazy webcam placement
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Inside, the MateBook X Pro uses eighth-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, and has a discrete Nvidia GeForce MX150 GPU. It has two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, a power button with a built-in fingerprint scanner, and comes in either space gray or “mystic silver,” which doesn't sound very mystic to me. It weighs a little under three pounds (1.33kg).

The MateBook X's biggest problem was its battery life, and Huawei is claiming that you can “work regularly” for 14 hours on the Pro. If the laptop actually reaches that figure it’ll be impressive, but we know how these things often go.

Photo by Thuy Ong / The Verge

Alongside the new laptop, Huawei is also launching the latest entries in the company’s long-running MediaPad range of Android tablets, the 8-inch M5 and 10.8-inch M5 Pro. Both tablets come in “space gray” (yes) or champagne gold, have 2560 x 1600 displays, charge over USB-C, use variants of Huawei's own Kirin 960 processor, and run Android Oreo. They also don't have a headphone jack, which is a curious decision for tablets.

Beyond size, the difference between the M5 and M5 Pro is… pretty much the difference between the iPad and the iPad Pro, which is to say that the Pro model has a three-pin connector for a keyboard accessory, features a quad-speaker array, and works with an included stylus. The M Pen has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and should get 50 days of battery life after a 100-minute charge.

Huawei’s MateBook X Pro will be available this spring priced from 1,499 euros ($1842), and the MediaPad M5 will be priced from 349 euros ($429) for the 8.4-inch version and from 399 euros ($490) for the 10-inch model.


to avoid the awkward camera position found on devices like Dell’s XPS 13.

In what way is it less awkward?

Seems much more awkward. Who wants to look at their keyboard when web conferencing? The whole point of having it in the screen is you are looking at the person you are talking to.

But it appears their latest phone has the camera at the bottom too.

But it appears their latest phone has the camera at the bottom too.

Meh, getting mixed up between Huawei and Xiaomi

I actually don’t mind the selfie camera at the bottom of a phone, because you can easily just flip the phone upside-down. If you use your laptop’s webcam, putting it at the bottom (or worse, inside the keyboard?!) is much worse.

What could be awkward about a nasal cavity cam?

Could be useful for trimming those awkward hairs.
Or a quick spot of sinus surgery when you get bored.

Who wants to look at their keyboard when web conferencing?

Look at their keyboard? Do you not look at the person(s) on screen? Wouldn’t the problem of this laptop be that they’re seeing your chest and not your face, which is why traditional webcam placement is at the top of the screen? If you’re looking directly into the webcam, regardless of where it is positioned, how do you simultaneously make eye contact with them?

Exactly what I said.

I’m still a tad confused. Why say:

Who wants to look at their keyboard when web conferencing?

when you look at the person on screen regardless of where the webcam is located?

Worse. As someone who used to work in video conferencing product I know you’ll get a greatt shot straight up the person’s nose when they look at the screen. It’s pretty bad.
You want the camera above the screen.

Ideally you want it in the screen but the tech isn’t there yet.
I saw concept at a show a few years back that used two cameras either side of the screen and combined the image. Worked surpsringly well unless you were very close.

If anything it fixes one problem: you don’t need a privacy sticker.

LOL,this is exactly what I thought when I saw that.

That’s a nice feature in my book.

It’s not. The sentence reads "this change doesn’t look like it will avoid the awkward camera position found on devices like Dell’s XPS 13"

I’m assuming it was edited to be more clear after the comment was made.

I, for one, love this. It is like a successor to the surface laptop. The only thing it is missing (dealbreaker for me) is lack of stylus support. Everything else is great, including the camera. You have to make concessions somewhere, and I think a full screen experience is worth the awkward camera placement. However, it may be more likely to break.

Look into Wacom’s pens for touchscreens if you really want that device.

Link? All I have seen have been those rubbery or foam nubs. Not enough precision. Pretty cool if something better exists.

They are all crap. The passive ones are crap, the active Bluetooth ones are crap.

Sad to hear that. Are you speaking from experience here? I mean, did you actually try one of their styli for touchscreens and it was crap? Wish there were more 3:2 screens with pen support. The surface laptop is in need of a processor refresh IMO

Good stuff love it !

I hate to point out the obvious but this looks like a complete MacBook design ripoff. I had to look closely to spot differences. I guess it’s the new normal so it’s not even mentioned anymore.

I’m an Apple fan, and I think that this looks objectively better than MacBook.

Better? Ok. But that’s unrelated to what I am pointing out.

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