YouTube brings ads back to Logan Paul’s channel, but he’s on a 90-day probation

Two weeks ago, YouTube decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s channel, claiming he exhibited a “pattern of behavior” that could be detrimental to advertisers and other creators. As of yesterday, YouTube restored ads to Paul’s channel, Polygon reports, but the service is putting him on probation for 90 days.

During the probation period, Paul will be able to monetize his videos, but they won’t show up in YouTube’s Trending section, and non-subscribers won’t receive notifications when he uploads new videos, according to Polygon.

Paul’s YouTube channel has been under scrutiny since he filmed a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest at the end of 2017. YouTube responded about a week later by removing Paul from its Google Preferred ad program and shelving his YouTube Red projects. Paul is still not eligible for the more lucrative Google Preferred ad program, according to Polygon.

Despite huge amounts of criticism directed toward Paul, the consequences YouTube imposed on him have always felt temporary. Earlier this month at the Code Media conference, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said she didn’t think Paul deserved to be kicked off the platform because he hadn’t “done anything that would cause those three strikes.”

Paul claims he’s learned from his experiences over the last few months, but his return to YouTube has felt like a return to his old ways.


During the probation period, Paul will be able to monetize his videos, but they won’t show up in YouTube’s Trending section, and non-subscribers won’t receive notifications when he uploads new videos

I wonder how this will affect his subscriber growth.

Why would non-subscribers be notified at any time? Is there YouTube spam I’m not aware of?

YouTube at times sends notifications about recommendations for new videos they think you’ll be interested in. From the sounds of it, Paul won’t be placed in those notifications anymore.

I think Paul has been more effective at self-promotion than YT could ever could.

Wow, way to stick it to him, GooTube!

Seriously, I was grounded longer than that as a child for being rude to someone. No wonder he has no concept of respect for others.

12yr old me called my little sister a bitch and I couldnt leave my room for the whole summer.

Almost as wishy washy as the Olympics "banning" Russia, yet the Russians were still there. That’ll show ’em!

Doesn’t matter what YouTube does, Logan Paul is always going to sail close to the wind because that‘s what his audience expects.

This is pretty pathetic YouTube. You shouldn’t be paying him anymore.

If he wants ad revenue he should be forced to work to find an advertiser willing to work with him directly. Plenty of other channels do their own ads.

What did taking his ad-money for two weeks even achieve? We’re talking about a "man" whose entire existence revolves around selling his "merch" to children (in such aggressive manners parents would be horrified if they knew).

At the end of the day his subscriber count increased, his average views increased and now he is back to multiple revenue streams. Exploiting a dead body paid off big time. Well done YouTube.

Keeping his videos off the trending tab and out of notifications for non-subscribers might cause his subscriber count and average views to stay flat over the next 90 days.

It means he’s still making millions.

It should be a lifetime probation.

And though everything is subjective…how about just stop paying people who’s brand is being flagrantly stupid.

It’s not as if the 11 – 13 year olds who are the overwhelming majority of viewers are consumers in the economy. They’re not actually spending any money on the ads that come their way. Ever.

But Mom & Dad are.
I don’t know how it works now, but when I was a kid we’d get blasted by ads for toys and cereal and whatnot during the saturday morning cartoons. Hell, half the cartoons themselves were basically just toy-selling machines (Batman, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, etc…)
Advertising to kids works very well.

Remember that YouTube is Logan Paul’s means to make a living. Yes, he made a video that is in extremely poor taste, but don’t advocate to take the man’s income away.

That video was not worse that what is in the news, movies, video games or your browser history. Just because the media is attacking him, doesn’t mean you have to join in. Think for yourselves, don’t be sheep.

Logan makes millions of dollars in monthly revenue, largely due to merchandise sales off a brand he built by creating obnoxious, toxic content that pulls in and glorifies the worst tendencies and desires of an 8-15 audience that would otherwise be consuming better content from better people.

He doesn’t need your fucking pity. Do you actually think people can’t come to there own conclusions about what he does? Pathetic.

If I did anything that could negatively impact my company, they’d terminate me. He can find new means to make a living. I’m not understanding why you feel sorry for him.

I don’t understand why The Verge is so fascinated with this guy.

If the press had of stopped making such a big deal out of this when youtube pulled his ad revenue, he would have been lost to the youtubers of time forgotten, but instead they keep talking about him like he’s still relevant. Obviously, all the guy knows how to do is make a fool out of himself on youtube.

Up until now I have avoided the entire issue, but places like The Verge keep bringing it back.

As the old saying goes, all press is good press. He has more subscribers than ever, and even someone like me who never watched or even cared about any of his videos, managed to watch some and be mildly entertained.

Fair enough I suppose. I guess everyone is entitled to make mistakes, as long as they don’t get anyone injured. Maybe he will exercise better judgement in the future.

I did see the original video all the fuss was about, and it seems that it wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be, but I think he really should have known better than to post it in the first place. Not much common sense shown on his part.

Yeah this is how trump got elected, CNN would not shut up about him.

So what I here you saying is Logan Paul 2028? Maybe with Martin Skrelli as a running mate!

YouTube needs to be put under pressure. The "ignore it and it’ll go away" sentiment is painfully naive and an embarrassingly passive attitude that has never worked.

Whatever the over/under is.. I’ll take the under…

Why is TheVerge so obsessed with this guy?

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