Android Nougat is officially the most-used version of Android

Android 7.0 Nougat has finally become the most-used version of the mobile operating system, running on 28.5 percent of devices (across both versions 7.0 and 7.1), according to an update on Google’s developer portal today (via 9to5Google).

That number narrowly edges out the second most-used version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow (released in 2015), which still stands at 28.1 percent. As for Google’s latest 8.0 Oreo update released last fall? Adoption comes in at just 1.1 percent of Android devices, leaving it in a distant sixth place. Still, it’s an improvement over the 0.2 percent of devices that were running Oreo by October 2nd, 2017.

Android devices have always suffered from fragmentation when it comes to software updates. For a lot of phones, the version of Android that came installed your phone when you bought it is often the one that it’ll always have. But the fact that Nougat — an update that is now over a year and a half old — is just taking the crown for most users truly highlights the issue.

Things get worse if you take a peek over the other side of the fence at Apple’s iOS numbers. Yes, there’s about the same percentage of users (28 percent) using iOS 10, which was released at roughly the same time as Nougat. But that’s a minority compared to the 65 percent of devices running the latest iOS 11 software, which only emphasizes how far Google has to go.


To add salt to the wound, the Android P preview will be out in the next month or two.

I don’t know why Google even bothers. Oreo didn’t bring any news features. My OnePlus 5T was just as fast on Nougat as it is now on Oreo. At this point I feel like it’s just a change in the build number and a new dessert name.

I’m sure you have never heard of Treble, background app sleeping and other cool under the hood features

You don’t get Treble with updates.

You can but a lot of manufacturers decided not to make the necessary changes. For example, the original Pixel XL has Treble support with the update.

Basically, none of the manufacturers updated phones to Treble. And Treble is no guarantee of updates or upgrades anyway. And Treble so far hasn’t really helped the custom rom community build universal roms.

Nougat has background app management.

It’s helped me out a lot my S7 Edge barely burns up battery energy now.

If that were true wouldn’t it be easier to update?

Ah, the good old bleak picture of the Android landscape that gets painted every month when these numbers are released. Like somehow devices are unusable if they don’t have the latest OS. Google Play Services and Android Security patches are much more important these days than OS updates anyways.

Quite honestly these numbers were better than I expected. Majority of users using 6.0+ is a great sign, especially considering Google compares a much smaller percentage of the hardware that is running the OS than Apple does.

Also no mention of the fact that Google’s fragmentation numbers are diminishing while Apple’s are increasing.

The fact that they compare a smaller percentage isn’t commendable. It’s an easier way to skew numbers. They should include all phones that have the minimum specs necessary to run their latest software, as Apple does.

Also no mention of the fact that Google’s fragmentation numbers are diminishing while Apple’s are increasing.

That’s a stretch. You’ll take anything won’t you. Yes, the adoption rate is slightly less impressive as it was last year but it’s still remarkably impressive next to its competition.

Like somehow devices are unusable if they don’t have the latest OS.

I bet all Google engineers get a good night’s sleep telling themselves that every day.

It’s like Apple engineers sleep well knowing they’ve slowed your phone intentionally without your knowing…. Smh.

None of these companies (Apple/Google/Samsung/etc) are beyond some type of reproach.

True enough. Decide what is most important to you and pick your poison, then live with it.

It’s like Apple engineers sleep well knowing they’ve slowed your phone when your battery is worn out intentionally without your knowing


To be honest, as long as I have security patches, I don’t care so much about the latest and greatest OS features. In fact, sometimes upgrading the OS (*cough*iOS 11*cough*) can be considered a downgrade in many respects.

ios 11. What a joke. The latest and greatest…….bugs,crashes, and battery drains galore.

iOS 11 had problems but it was overblown. I ran it all through beta with no issues also.

Wow, I haven’t had a single issue with iOS 11. I ran it all through the public beta period and it’s been rock solid.

From wikipedia. 10 versions of iOS 11. 10 in about 5 months. When do you have time to use the phone when you’re constantly updating it? /s

iOS 11.0.1 was released on September 26, 2017, as the first update to iOS 11. The update contained bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for a bug that prevented emails from being sent from Exchange servers.1112

iOS 11.0.2 was released on October 3, 2017. It mainly fixed a "crackling earpiece" issue that affected some iPhone 8 and 8 Plus units.13

iOS 11.0.3 was released on October 11, 2017. It fixed an issue with the audio and haptic feedback on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and an issue on iPhone 6S where the touch input was unresponsive if the device’s display had been serviced with non-genuine Apple parts.14

iOS 11.1 was released on October 31, 2017. It added over 70 new emoji, fixed the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability, reintroduced the 3D Touch multitasking gesture and incorporated other bug fixes.1516

iOS 11.1.1 was released on November 9, 2017. It fixed a keyboard autocorrect bug and "Hey Siri" malfunction.1718

iOS 11.1.2 was released on November 16, 2017. It fixed a display issue where the iPhone X screen would become unresponsive due to a rapid temperature drop, as well as fixing an issue with distortion on Live Photos and videos captured with iPhone X.1920

iOS 11.2 was released on December 2, 2017. It added Apple Pay Cash, enabled faster 7.5W wireless charging, and introduced new "Live" wallpapers for the iPhone X. Two new pop-ups have been added to explain the new functionality of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Control Center toggles.21 The TV app now includes a Sports section, and the update also included bug fixes for the calculator bug, the I.T autocorrect bug and the December 2 crash bug.2223

iOS 11.2.1 was released on December 13, 2017. The update fixed remote access for HomeKit devices following a major security glitch,24 and also fixed camera autofocus for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X devices.25

iOS 11.2.2 was released on January 8, 2018. The update made changes to Safari and WebKit to mitigate the effects of the Spectre attack.26

iOS 11.2.5 was released on January 23, 2018. The update fixed bugs, added support for the HomePod, and allows Siri to read news articles.27

Huh? It takes like 10 minutes to update… and you can keep using your phone while you do it, except for the few seconds it takes to reboot.

Look at the constant bugs. That’s averaging two updates a month. Easy updates means laissez-faire QC.

Ok, great. Have a nice day!

Damn, I thought I would be able to merely be happy with my iPhone I bought a couple months ago. Little did I know I’d have minions telling me that I shouldn’t like it. Damn, …

Bugs happen man. This software is at its most sophisticated, like Android. I imagine if more Android phones had updates built there would be similar bugs too.

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