YouTube for iOS and Android is getting a dark mode

YouTube is adding a new dark theme to its mobile apps, starting with iOS today. To activate the new theme, simply tap the account icon, go to settings, select “dark theme,” and enjoy the new look.

YouTube previously added a dark mode to its desktop site last year, and the company says since then, it’s become one of the most requested features for its mobile apps. As the name implies, the dark theme inverts some colors on the YouTube UI, swapping out the white background of the standard theme for a more cinematic, blacked-out style.

The dark theme should be rolling out to iOS users today. An Android version of the update is “coming soon.”


Would be cool if there was a function to enable the dark theme automatically at night.

Love apps that do this.

Tweetbot even goes one better and can switch between light and dark modes dependent on the ambient light around the phone.

reddit does that on iOS, pretty cool feature

I am loving this new tendency of sites and apps to provide both light and dark themes!

Can they give the tvOS a not-shit mode? The old version was so much better.

What is wrong with the tvOS version? I personally love it. I could be in the minority though, I mean I did like the Snapchat update.

The player is 100% different than every other player on tvOS. Skipping around hour long shows is painful.

You don’t use Siri? It’s so much more precise.

I hate the new tvOS app so much, I resorted to using AirPlay instead of that POS of an app.

Finally! Now would appreciate the same if they can bring that to the entire G-suite and Android.

dark themes are great because phones aren’t getting bigger batteries. is Instagram next?

AMOLED screens rejoice!

Looking forward to this on Android.. would be even happier if they release a dark mode for the entire Android OS..

Same for iOS. Apple needs to make this a priority.

Download Substratum. Then you can install a system wide theme that not only darkens your notifications and settings but also all Google Apps and big players like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Withthe theme I’m using now even the Google now feed when you swipe right is all dark.

Is that jailbreak only?

No, Substratum is for Android.

And requires root.

A Google-owned service is getting a feature on iOS before the Google-developed Android.

How does this make sense?

Two different Development teams that’s how

It’s easier to develop for fewer phones.

Dark Mode all things!
Ahem. Verge website.

As an iPhone X user, Dark Mode everything please!

This can’t be said enough. I usually use smart invert if I’m going to spending some time on a white page.

Please bring this in iOS 12!

Yea Dark Mode would be sweet on iPhone X as it got a black bezel frame and an OLED screen. But it should be pure black Dark mode background tho

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