Microsoft’s new design is rolling out now

Microsoft is beginning to roll out its new design to all users in the coming weeks. The redesigned first entered into beta back in August, and Microsoft also recently started testing UI and feature improvements to the calendar and people sections of the mail service. The new design for mail inside will now be standard for all users in the coming weeks, with no need to toggle the beta mode on.

All users will also be able to opt-in to try out Microsoft’s calendar and people changes, which include a redesigned look and better contact information on profile cards. The overall changes to the mail portion of include improved Skype integration, with support for video calling within an inbox. Microsoft has also tweaked category organization, added new themes for inboxes, and improved the interface for using add-ins in

New calendar

While the mail section of will roll out as the default for all users, Microsoft appears to be testing its calendar and people changes further. The beta toggle will remain for these updates, allowing users to switch their calendar back to the existing user interface until feedback has been collected on the changes. Microsoft isn’t revealing when the calendar and people sections will be automatically updated for everyone to the new user interface.


The new is great overall, but it has one massive feature still missing in the beta which I really hope they’ve fixed in the released version… you cannot pop-out an email. They’ve instead created these tabs at the bottom of the preview pane and you also can’t resize the pane to your heart’s content, it has artificial limits. When composing, you have to open another tab with another entire instance of to go see another email.
Note that this only applies to and everything is great on the Office 365 Outlook!

They should take care of their unholy Office 365 Outlook UI…
Gmail might work only online, but outlook is used in all the big corporates where a browser window is not really a viable option

They should take care of their unholy Office 365 Outlook UI…

Changing that is a bit more daunting. Corporate people are not good with change.

the 365 UI is also in beta. I have mine in beta for my company’s portal and it’s very similar to the Most users in my org are still on the old/current 365 UI.

My work email account has had this UI for a while now, at least the past two months or so

Is Exchange Online OWA (ie. Office 365 Business/Enterprise Outlook webmail) more similar to the consumer webmail these days?

I have main family members on Exchange Online P2 or P1, but also a few relatives on Premium (which has been folded into Office 365 Home/Personal). But haven’t re-evaluated lately…

P.S. Still needlessly paying G Suite accounts for said family members even though they’d already migrated away their emails, just because Google won’t let them downgrade to free Google accounts (they can create new accounts, but they’d lose all the accumulated data on the G Suite accounts that they’ve been using as their Google identities for years, for YouTube, Maps, Photos, etc).

And to add insult to injury, Google still won’t let G Suite accounts join family sharing! So we can’t benefit from a YouTube Red/GPM family subscription, etc.

Is Exchange Online OWA (ie. Office 365 Business/Enterprise Outlook webmail) more similar to the consumer webmail these days?

Yes. I believe they’re based on the same codebase. switched over to Exchange Online quite a while ago.

Looking much better than before. could also use a visual update next. The icons have been updated some time ago but the sidebar and the header still use a design that is years old (most apparent when you click the button on the top left).

I clicked into the article to verify that it wasn’t a screenshot/thumbnail of Facebook used by mistake.

I agree, I think it looks really similar to facebook.
It is a substantial improvement in design though, regardless of originality.

How can you add a new filter rule with the new design?

When reading any message, you can use Sweep, or Create Rule.

Or, Settings→View full settings→Mail→Rules

I live but am sick of replying to an email and having it send a note to self instead. This bug has been driving users crazy since for ever. I hope Microsoft can fix it

Dislike how any email you get, that address instantly becomes a contact suggestion in every window. With no way to clear them.

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