Microsoft’s first major SwiftKey update includes a new toolbar with GIFs, stickers, and more

Microsoft is unveiling its first major update to the SwiftKey keyboard it acquired back in 2016. Today’s 7.0 release replaces the existing hub found in the keyboard with a new toolbar that expands to provide access to stickers, GIFs, and soon some useful location and calendar features. The new toolbar is designed to make it quicker to insert GIFs, emoji, and the new sticker packs that Microsoft will be making available.

The most interesting new additions, location and calendar, are coming to the toolbar soon. The location feature will allow SwiftKey users in India or the US to share their location in many apps, and the calendar integration will let people insert calendar appointments in any app straight from the keyboard toolbar. Still, this new toolbar sets up Microsoft to battle for control of your iPhone or Android keyboard alongside Google’s GBoard app.

Microsoft killed off its Windows Phone keyboard for the iPhone last year, and encouraged users to download SwiftKey instead. It now looks like development for Microsoft’s keyboards is being channeled into SwiftKey, rather than the variety of iOS keyboards the company has been testing. That should result in even better improvements to SwiftKey, just like we’re seeing today. SwiftKey’s latest 7.0 update is available now on both iOS and Android.


Swiftkey for Android is a necessity in my opinion. It’s a sad state of affairs on iOS, I hope someday there can be some parity, because it’s one of the three things in the ios to Android delta I think is severely lacking.

I wish Apple would allow swiftkey to be good, for one. I wish Apple would implement a "tasker" platform ("Automator for iOS!") and I wish Apple would clean up notifications.

I wish Apple would implement a "tasker" platform ("Automator for iOS!")

They already have an app called Workflow. I don’t think we’ll get more out of Apple any time soon.

Wouldn’t say workflow works in the same way as tasker (not that I’ve used tasker).
From what I’ve lightly, used on workflow, everything is triggered by a button, extension/share or homescreen ‘link’ … you have to actively start the workflow yourself.
Tasker looks to perform automations on its own, such as when you plug headphones in or recieve a text. There’s more options which tie into the OS and hardware with tasker.

If anything I actually feel like Google’s keyboard is only further giving me a reason to never change it.

Unless you are bilingual and constantly write in two languages. Then Swiftkey is the only option and Google and everybody else can’t compete.
It is still mindblowing to me that no other keyboard allows autocorrect in two languages without switching the keyboard language everytime. It can’t be that hard?

Considering SwiftKey autocorrects A to À when I start a message, yes it can be hard to figure out sometimes. Especially since I can switch languages multiple times in a single message.

Good thing is that it’ll just get better from here.

The default iOS keyboard does

once swiftkey adds voice dictation ill never use gboard again

It’s already there.

Long press the comma button to the left of the spacebar.

Swiftkey for Android is a necessity in my opinion

I’ve found Swiftkey’s swipe recognition far, far worse than Google’s keyboard.

That’s odd, I’ve found just the opposite! Where I AM frustrated with Swift Key is the assumption that it knows what I want to say better than I do. The other day, I tried to insert the word ‘Cab’ into a text, and it inserted the word ‘Can’. I corrected it, and it reinserted it again! I guess, forcing me to READ my post before sending it out is a good thing, but Swift key can be STUBBORN!

Are you serious? The day I finally switch to GBoard because they had that integration of GIFs?
Microsoft – you couldn’t have had better timing.

I’ve had gif integration in swiftkey(on Android) for a few months now. That part is not new, it’s the other stuff like stickers and location that is.

Hopefully the new stickers mean I can at least create custom "stickers" for basic Twitch Chat Emotes. It’s one thing I really miss switching from iOS to Android this year.

Can’t wait for it to land on Andromeda

I don’t see the update on iOS

Finally decided to switch away from Swype because the instability was too bothersome, and all of these 3rd party iOS keyboards are lacking. None has a press-down shortcut for punctuation, almost no settings for customization, and they annoyingly change depending on context. (No, it’s not a feature. Don’t take my Enter button away, assholes!)

I don’t care at all about GIF’s and things in the keyboard, but if it’s accurate, that’ll make me happy. I loved the keyboard on my Lumia 920, and haven’t found something as good for my GS6 or GS8 since then. Hoping this works well.

Might make a return to it after a few years. GBoard has gotten pretty bad with lag and crashes. Pretty often the swiping just stops, until I draw a bunch of circles and then it finally starts working again.

great, now integrate xbox avatar animojis into the keyboard apps.

Don’t see any reason to switch from Gboard honestly. It already has gifs and stickers.

If you’re otherwise happy with Gboard, there probably isn’t a strong reason to switch, but I switched because I could make swyping keys physically larger on my Moto, than I could with Gboard, and that made swyping much easier for me.

I wish the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard had these features.

I love the directional numb on the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard. It is a must for all keyboards. Precision Navigation on the phone is just so easy with it. It is like using your arrow keys on a keyboard. You can easily position the insertion point cursor where you want, pick items from a list, and more.

Personally, while these added features are cool. I would take the numb thingy over these.

I like the Precision Navigation too, but would have liked to see this feature available for W10M keyboards as well.

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