Drake drops in to play Fortnite on Twitch and breaks the record for most-viewed stream

Last night, Twitch broke its record for most-viewed stream by a single player when pro-gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins assembled an unlikely supergroup to play the wildly-popular sandbox shooter Fortnite. Ninja was joined by NFL rookie turned gamer JuJu Smith-Schuster (FaZeJuJu_19), rapper Travis Scott (cactus_jackk92), and — drum roll please — pop superstar Drake (TheBoyDuddus).

Ninja played a few matches just with Drake, and then all four got together for some team action. At its peak, the stream was trending on Twitter and hit 628,000 concurrent viewers, smashing the previous record of 388,000 viewers for a single-player stream. You can watch the team games in the embed above, or Drake and Ninja playing together below:

Some highlights include Drake discussing pineapple on pizza (he’s in favor); Drake and Ninja talking about the future development of Fortnite (Drake thinks they should concentrate on improving existing maps rather than creating new ones); and plenty of teamwork to help make the dream work (including Drake dropping weapons for Ninja). Drake said he’s been playing Fortnite for a month or two, watching Ninja on YouTube while taking breaks from recording his next album.

This stream is more than just pop culture ephemera though — it shows the huge cross-over potential video game live-streaming, and particularly Fortnite, which has become a phenomenon after copying the survival play-style of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Ninja usually gets around 70,000 live viewers per stream, so to pump this up to more than half a million is quite the achievement.

In a press statement, Twitch’s SVP of marketing, Kate Jhaveri, said: “Ninja and Drake’s Fortnite livestream on Twitch attracted 628K concurrent viewers, setting a new milestone in terms of peak concurrent viewers on an individual’s channel. Seeing a top gamer and musician come together on Twitch and unite their large and passionate communities is a cultural moment in terms of building awareness around the appeal of social video and it’s only going to grow from here.”

“That was pretty lit man, about as lit as it can get,” said Ninja after the games were finished. “Drake said he had to pack for a flight tomorrow so he’s out... We literally made history tonight.” Celebs on Twitch? Maybe it’s god’s plan.

Update, March 16th, 04:00AM ET: Updated with comment from Twitch, and confirmed the record as 628,000 concurrent views.


Fortnite is beating PUBG! lol

I have both, I’m not sure which one I like most

They are actually really very different.

Yeah I agree actually.. kind of like TF2 and Battlefield 1… both with different gameplay styles.. Watching the end game of single Fortnite is rather funny.. the wizards towers they build for protection just makes me chuckle every time

I actually also like them both for their own qualities! Actually I like the whole battle royal concept and want other game makers to put their own take on the game style.

Lets see cartoony 14 yr old graphics or realistic immersive maps.. Hard decision. I can’t even look at fortnite… god.

Get off your high horse. I have over 600 hours in PUBG, I tried Fortnite and while I like PUBG way more there is nothing wrong with Fortnite. It’s like DOTA and League, there is plenty of room for both.

It’s free, has good dev support, good cosmetics/variety, and available literally everywhere. Also all the top variety streamers dropped PUBG for the most part. Shroud and Dr. Disrespect seem to play here and there, but even then they are splitting time.

Ah, I like Fortnite better, it’s more interesting. There are also some other games like Fortnite, but I prefer this game

Tyler becomes huge so fast, 2.4 million new subscribers on YouTube last month, and 1.6 million on Twitch!

So two rappers and nfl star and a streamer play fornite, how did this even happen? Now we need some actors and some politicians and a mishmash of people from all walks of life so we can start enjoying life again, instead of worrying about Trump or a shooting, or nuclear war.

Also learned that Drake doesn’t eat meat from the stream!

recent trend is celebrities jumping on twitch

I honestly only know about him from pop culture references in articles like these.
No idea is he any good or even if I’ve heard any of his stuff.

I wonder how much Amazon / Twitch paid for this?

not sure if you’re joking or not. but I’m guessing nothing honestly. mostly because of the circumstances. it was really late and barely advertised that Drake was gonna be on. I had heard about it before, but dismissed it. But I could be wrong.

I heard about it because Twitch tweeted something about it. I don’t really think it’s bad if it was paid, but you never really know with these things.

If it was paid, it would have been a hell of a lot better organized. It was a total shit show getting the stream working and even getting the guys into groups. Watched the whole stream and it did not come off as paid placement to me…

"…F**k goin online, that aint part of my day…" -Drake

That’s why he waited till night!

So proud of Ty, I’ve been friends with him for years.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up and he was streaming to 415,000 people this morning.

Drake would have never been in twitch if he never saw ninja on instagram, ninja already had 200k viewers before drake even dropped in, give credit where credit is due ninja orchestrated the whole thing and he broke the record.

6 God on Twitch. I might have to sign up.

I downloaded it for PC. Going to try it over the weekend and see what all the fuss is about. Never played this genre before. I think I’m more interested in the iOS version, though. Signed up for that too.

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