Apple reportedly unveiling a cheaper iPad next week

Apple is holding an education-focused event on Tuesday that teases “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” While rumors previously suggested a cheaper MacBook will arrive soon, it appears Apple will be focusing on the iPad next week. Bloomberg reports that a “low-cost iPad” will be announced alongside new education software next week.

Rumors previously suggested Apple is preparing to launch a $259 budget iPad model this year, as it attempts to claw back ground lost to both Google and Microsoft in the US education market. A cheaper iPad should help push Apple’s ambitions in the classroom, especially as price is a key factor in device sales to schools and students.

Bloomberg also reports that a cheaper MacBook laptop is still being developed, and will likely replace the MacBook Air at under $1,000. Apple hasn’t majorly refreshed the MacBook Air since 2010, and the model it currently sells is hugely out of date given its $999 price tag. The cheaper MacBook isn’t expected until later in the year, however.

The Verge will be live from Apple’s event on Tuesday with all the latest iPad news.


Interesting but the reality is that until they let us connect a mouse and enhance the browser (or drop the defult app lock), iPads will remain primarily consumption devices with very long turn-over times for most consumers. Given that, all a cheap(er) one will do is provide a short-term boost to volumes alongside a margin squeeze.

I guess it will help in penetrationg the education sector but even there, Chromebooks are cheaper and easier to manage and Windows machines offer a broader range of options if you’re trying to impart core skills.

If Apple really wants to drive iPad adoption and the upgrade cycle, it’s time to fix peripheral support, app choice and to get stricter about what apps do in the background (i.e. give the user certainty about what an app is going to do when you move away).

If Apple really wants to drive iPad adoption and the upgrade cycle, it’s time to fix peripheral support, app choice and to get stricter about what apps do in the background (i.e. give the user certainty about what an app is going to do when you move away).

That’d require vision though.

And courage.

LOL, that never gets old.

So much courage LOL

I appreciate your courage. That must have been difficult to admit

Lack of a pointer/mouse support is why I quit using iPads and went to a Surface Pro. I’ve since switched to the Surface Book for more power, but still have the tablet ability.
I liked the iPads, but if they won’t support a mouse, I can’t use it for more than simple browsing and therefore cannot justify the price tag.

The mouse fans puzzle me. I can’t think when I wanted to use my Mac instead of my iPad because I wanted to use a mouse. Mac only software, yes. Larger or multiple displays, yes. Mouse – no.

I’d rather have touch screens on a Mac than mouse support for the iPad. But, I’ll take both.

TBH Lots of people would rather have both. Hence why 2 in 1s are popular.

But the iPads sell more in a quarter than the 2 in 1’s do. In a single quarter they have sold more than all Surface Pro’s combined from all years they’ve been on sale (the most popular 2-in-1. I don’t know what they overall sales of all 2-in-1’s are, but they aren’t anywhere close to a single quarter of ipad sales/

Something as basic as external storage is still so much behind regular computers. Say you want to edit a 4K video off an external hard drive on an iPad, you have to copy the files over to internal storage, edit, then export back to the drive, whereas on a Mac and any PC you can just work with the files off the external drive. That’s part of why they aren’t serious productivity machines to me, that and the gorilla arm and floppy keyboard.

A11X will deserve to be unleashed in a clamshell.

Say you want to edit a 4K video off an external hard drive on an iPad

What? Is that a thing? People actually attempt to do that?

External SSDs I should have said, but yeah, totally do. They’re so fast now it works just as well as internal and then you can move them between workstations and cameras easily.

Unless you mean the iPad bit, in which case not really, but I’m just highlighting one of the reasons they don’t, it’s a chore since it doesn’t just allow straight interfacing with outside storage without importing and exporting.

Yeah, meant the "Editing on an iPad" bit, not really the external SSD bit. Editing 4k video on an iPad seems a bit silly to me (unless you’re stitching together iPhone footage you synced through iCloud I guess? do iPhones shoot at 4k?).

They do and that’s what it would likely be. Definitely not RED 4K or anything like that, but they can handle smartphone 4K.

Unsane the Steven Soderbergh movie that opened today was entirely shot on an iPhone, and iPhones have shot 4K since the iPhone 6S and iPads have shot 4K since he iPad Pro. iPhones 8 & X shoot 4K at up to 60fps. The video gets automatically transferred from iPhones to iPads via iCloud so hooking up an external drive on a 500GB iPad Pro doesn’t make much sense.

I love how "the iPad/iPhone is a consumption devices" crowd keeps at it, reality be damned. The fact that iPads have outsold Macs consistently for years also can keep being ignored.

Conspicuously not edited on an iPad though, just shot on iPhone and edited elsewhere. Considering the top iCloud storage tier is 2TB which could easily be passed with b-roll and everything on a feature length 4K film.

I’d also not like my workflow to be at the mercy of iCloud backup deciding it’s a good time to upload a bunch of 4K clips.

Yes. All of this. Also multi-user logins. As an educator, I cannot stress how important this is. It’s beyond me at this point why they wouldn’t allow that feature.

It’s called Apple Classroom, it enables multi-user. It is FREE (GO to App Store) and has been available since at least 2016.

connect a mouse

won’t happen because it is a bad idea

It’s a great idea for many people. Maybe not you. I have a mouse on my 12" Dell Tablet and it’s wonderful. I also have a pen & a keyboard. All in a nice slim package that’ll let me use Photoshop (A real version, not a dumbed down one), play Skyrim, or surf the web. And I paid significantly less than the cost of an iPad "Pro" that’s not pro at all.

there’s already a product that "works" for you… go buy that product.

That’s why Dell Tablets are such a huge hit no doubt. Keep in mind that Dell PCs do still outsell Macs. Call us when Dell Tablets outsell iPads or Macs or … anything worth mentioning.

So because Apple claims this to sell more Macs and iPads separately it’s a bad idea? Not everything Apple says is the truth. A lot of it is PR/Marketing talk.

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