Playboy deletes its Facebook accounts

Playboy issued a press release late Tuesday night to announce its withdrawal from Facebook. It has deactivated the Playboy accounts that Playboy Enterprises manages, directly affecting some 25 million fans, according to the company. Playboy becomes the latest company to join the call to #DeleteFacebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, punctuated on Friday by Elon Musk’s order to remove Tesla and SpaceX pages from Zuckerberg’s social media juggernaut.

”The recent news about Facebook’s alleged mismanagement of users’ data has solidified our decision to suspend our activity on the platform at this time,” reads the statement. “There are more than 25 million fans who engage with Playboy via our various Facebook pages, and we do not want to be complicit in exposing them to the reported practices.”

While Playboy certainly doesn’t hold the immense cultural influence it once did, the brand still holds a certain cachet with an older generation of humans. You know, the ones that still use Facebook. In 2014, Playboy said that Facebook was its largest audience. Of course, that was back when the magazine stopped posting nudes (a practice it restarted last year) in order to court a larger following on social media.

It’s worth noting that Playboy, SpaceX, and Telsa are, however, still active on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook; a fact that many Facebook deleters seem happy to ignore.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal

What happened 8
Facebook reacts 8
The world reacts 12
The apology tour 6
Zuckerberg testifies 14
What you can do 5


I’m sure they didn’t actually delete it, just took it off for a while, but anything that makes Zuckerberg look bad make sure me happy. He’s so incredibly annoying to me.

The way he apologized for the Cambridge analytica scandal is soo ridiculous.

"Sorry for using and selling your personal data, and potentially influenced several political elections in US, UK and few EU countries, nothing personal, byee"

He can’t get away with just that.

Sorry for using and selling your personal data, and potentially influenced several political elections in US, UK and few EU countries

You realize that’s absolutely not what he (or Facebook) did right ? Facebook got data stolen. It’s bad, they weren’t careful enough, they should pay more attention. The ones that stole data, gathered it and helped influence election are the people from Cambridge Analytica. Hence the name "Cambridge Analytica scandal".

So you are saying Cambridge Analytica hacked Facebook and stole user data? I didn’t think so.

Cambridge Analytica took advantage of Facebook’s weak data protection by targeting the users of a quizz app and their friends, yes

And you call that theft?

But I feel like explaining my views on the complexity of this subject will be a waste of my time so I’m not going to do that
Good day to you

Translation: I only have this view because it helped Trump.

Yeah right
I’m not even from the US and certainly not for Trump
Like I said, complexity and stuff

*or against him, for that matters. He doesn’t rule my country.

I’m American. I’m not yet convinced he rules my country, either.

TBH I was just seeing if I could bait you into coming back. It’s a new day. Apologies for trolling you.

Technically Cambridge Analytica just did the exact same thing that Obama’s data folks did back in 2012.

Is it sketchy? Yes. Unethical? Debatable. Illegal? Certainly not.

This all falls on Facebook for leaving it open, allowing many years of cross-profile datamining. Seriously, it was probably right there, in bold, in the API that whole time: "Do you allow this app to view your profile and your friends’?"

Everyone is making this out to be a scandal, which it really isn’t (at least when putting the blame on CA and the Trump administration).

Except that’s a blatant lie.

The Obama folks did not create a fake Facebook application that would then harvest data about your Facebook friends. The Obama folks pulled readily accessible information directly from the social graph, they didn’t craft any fake apps to harvest your data behind the scenes. They just took what every advertiser is given access to.

They didn’t steal away not did they abuse the tools that Facebook markets for these very same purposes. The only apology was due the shareholders that Facebook’s bullshit was exposed and it shouldn’t have been.

It wasn’t stolen, Jesus. They have a suite of tools for collecting data that they market as such. CA used said tools to gather data and did what the hell they wanted with it. Worst of all is the users willingly gave them, Facebook et al, said data and now these same users are butthurt. It’s right in the ToS that all of you signed in order to use Facebook’s ‘free’ service.

Except CA did not use the tools provided to advertisers by Facebook. They created a fake Facebook application with the explicit intent to harvest data behind the scenes. Facebook has tools for targeting…but you’re not allowed to scrape your own data under the hood and then sell it off to other people (which is what got them banned).

CA did not create the Facebook app that harvested the data. It was created by a Boston-based Russian professor, who then brought the resulting data to CA.

Selling personal data for targeted advertising has been part of Facebook’s, as well as Google and Microsoft’s standard business model for years, it’s the foundation of how they make money while giving everything out for free. And they’ve also been influencing elections in other countries for years, so much so that a few years back it was touted as the new age of digital democracy, or something of that nature.

It’s just after Trump won, a lot of people realized Facebook isn’t just able to bring about the Arab Spring, it can also bring about an American Spring, and it wasn’t suppose to be that way.

Let’s be honest, nobody will care about Cambridge Analytica if Trump lost, especially since the data wasn’t even stolen. Case in point, Facebook did nothing for years while ISIS recruited massive number of followers, something that had far worse consequences, and yet it’s Cambridge Analytica that’s people are deleting Facebook over…

normally, tech journalist won’t cover Playboy.

So this is actually an ingenious PR tactics for them.

But where will people find pornography on the Internet now?

the brand still holds a certain cachet with an older generation of humans. You know, the ones that still use Facebook.

lol, you’d know Ricker.

yeah, which also gives insight into Wilstreak’s comment above.

Have you seen the Amazon playboy.. history.. drama… series thing? Did a pretty good job of highlighting that cachet to a younger audience. I can’t believe they had ‘playboy clubs’ and a TV show set in a lounge!

I did. It really was a cultural phenomenon in its day.

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