Netflix’s House of Cards season 6 will focus on Claire Underwood’s rule

During the Academy Awards, Netflix aired a teaser for the sixth and final season of House of Cards. It’s going to be the first season since lead actor Kevin Spacey, who played conniving politician Frank Underwood, got booted from the show by Netflix following sexual assault allegations.

In the teaser, Robin Wright’s character Claire Underwood is the one in command, sitting behind the desk her husband once occupied in the Oval Office. With a confident smile, she says, “We’re just getting started.” Netflix’s tagline reads, “Hail to the Chief.”


That’s not how the line of succession works?

Does the vice president not become president when the prez is removed from office after multiple people accuse him of sexually harassing them (Nevermind, I forgot that does not happen in real life) assassinated?

The sixth season could take place years in the future.

Uhh…apparently you haven’t been watching the show.

No shit. I don’t watch shows with literal child rapists in them.

Didn’t realize you had a crystal ball…

The show’s been on for 5 seasons (this being the sixth), you knew before the show started?

And apparently kept his mouth shut, how reprehensible

Actually, that’s exactly how it works?

You do realize that Claire was the vice president, and took over the presidency after Frank resigned in Season 5, right?

I just came here to complain about the delay.

Are they going to get Christopher Plummer to come in to replace Kevin Spacey?

I’d watch that.

It’s sad in a way since the show was anyway gearing up for this. But now, it’ll be really awkward to have the main character of the show so far completely cut off.

The show deserves this fate though. Should have really ended after the first two seasons.

HoC jumped the shark long ago. But I will give it a shot since I‘m curious how they work around the obviously missing main man. I mean, Frank would never just go away silently…

First episode opens with footage of news channels reporting Frank dead by assassination. Done. Next prez pls.

Nahh…he was going to jail at the end of last season anyway because Claire didn’t pardon him, so he’ll likely just be rotting in prison.

At the end of Season 5, Jane Davis offered to Claire that she could "arrange" for Frank to die from complications from his liver transplant. I would assume that Season 6 would start with Claire taking her up on that offer.

It actually plays well into what happened at the end of last season.

American TV series are always like this: great first season, very good second season and from season 3 and on things start to get even more bizarre because showrunners already Explored The original ideas but must keep The show going.

Uhh ever heard of The Wire before? If not, perhaps a little show called Breaking Bad then? I’m sorry, but dumb theory is dumb.

For every breaking bad there is a bus load of dross.

The wire got soft after the third season but picked up in the end and finished strong. Most don’t do that at all.

British shows and most European shows Handle this much better. One or two seasons and its time to move on.

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