Black Mirror gets renewed for another season at Netflix


Black Mirror has been renewed for a fifth season on Netflix. The streaming service confirmed the renewal in an email to The Verge and released a cryptic teaser on Twitter with the tagline “Be Right Back.”

The fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi anthology series premiered on Netflix at the tail end of 2017. The six-episode season explored topics like dating apps, surveillance, robotic dogs, and the Black Mirror universe itself. Some episodes were more successful than others, and as it enters into a new season, the series will have to decide how to keep pushing the boundaries of dystopian fiction.

In classic Black Mirror style, very little information has been disclosed about what the new season will cover or when it will premiere.


Because it’s amazing.

I personally loved all the episodes this season..

Maybe the standards are set so high that even good episodes get mixed reception.. But yeah

Same. For me, it was so much better than Electric Dreams.

Before Electric Dreams started, I assumed it was meant to be exactly like Black Mirror – after watching it though, I found that they were very different and I really liked Electric Dreams for completely different reasons…

Same, I was surprised how much I liked Electric Dreams too. Varies a lot from one episode to the next, seems to more reflect the sensibilities of the producer or actor starring in that particular episode.

I haven’t watched Breaking Bad, but I was so impressed with Bryan Cranston’s acting (same feeling I got with J. K. Simmons in Counterpart).

I always find these types of series uneven. I mainly liked USS Callister and the dating episode, black museum was decent too, but the black and white episode with the robot dog? Not compelling, the grayscape with looking at hidden memories? Not interested, the kid with the parent able to see what they see? High concept, but not compelling. I liked the others though so it just varies a great deal with me.

I thought the same about Electric Dreams, though I don’t remember a clear standout like USS Callister where I was really satisfied with how it all shook out.

I find Black Mirror is typically all about the twist/payoff at the end, whereas Electric Dreams wasn’t so focused on that and was more about an excerpt of a story in many regards…

I watched the first two and was disappointed so I just stopped. Does it get better?

Yes, it does get better. Give it a try!

In my opinion, yes it definitely gets better. The episodes aren’t as fast paced and punchy as many of the Black Mirror episodes, but there are some real gems in there!

Just watch ‘Hang the DJ’ and ‘Black Museum’. ‘Metalhead’ is good if you want a simple, gritty, survival story without any explanation.

I meant Electric Dreams. Love Black Mirror.

I like how the show has been moving on from "dystopian/depressing/futuristic" horror stories to address a more diverse range of emotions (San Junipero, Hang The DJ…), along with a focus on trying new aesthetics (USS Callister, Metalhead…)

I did not like metalhead. Couldn’t wait for it to end.

Make it stop please

Any idea why this announcement came several months after the previous season premiered, when it seems like most of their big shows get the next season confirmed within a week?

Cool, now do a USS Callister series too.

The first episode was decent, but the rest was way below standard. Therefore, I kicked it off my watch-list – no season five for me.

Season 3 and 4, seemed to be running out of new ideas, a little. But I’ll watch it anyway.

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