Google Lens is coming to all Android phones running Google Photos


Google is officially rolling its Lens out to Android phones that have Google Photos installed. This means users will be able to scan things through the app to receive information, like a dog’s breed or a flower type. Users can also create a contact from a business card or identify a landmark. Certain phones will eventually be able to access Lens through the Google Assistant, too, including flagships from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and HMD / Nokia. Google says Lens is rolling out in batches, so you might not get the update right away — sorry!

We knew this expanded launch was coming, as Google announced it at Mobile World Congress last week. We didn’t have an idea of timing then, though, and we still don’t have a clear timeline on when iOS devices will receive Lens. Google Lens senior director of product Aparna Chennapragada explained to Verge reporter Adi Robertson that Lens is designed to make sense of the visual world. Eventually she hopes that Google’s visual search function could easily identify and annotate all objects, which sounds helpful but also slightly dystopian.


I really wish they’d bring back the old version of Screen Search, from the pre-Assistant Google Now days. I’m not hugely fussed about scanning things in my environment for information, but being able to copy and paste text from anywhere – even an image on a website – was super handy.

This is why I love the S-Pen. Being able to copy and paste text from anywhere – even an image on a website – is super handy

THIS and translate text from other languages. It works on youtube videos and IG. I love it.

iOS gets all Google’s new features first. Oh wait…..

Will it be an update to the app, or one of those Google sever side updates?

My last Photos update was March 2nd and I just got the new feature today, so I think server side.

I wish this was an option in the Google Camera app. I hate having to actually take a picture and then remembering to go into Google Photos to check out Google Lens.

That’s the first thing I was looking for. I thought it was going to be in the camera app.

Somehow Photos’ Lens is so much more crappy then the Assistant’s.

Why do they do these phased releases? What’s wrong with just putting the updates in the Play Store and letting users update when they want? Google are notoriously crap at things like this, they made loads of noise about the Selfie Search in their Art & Culture App and then restricted it to certain parts of the US, before graciously releasing it to the rest of the world. Oh no, they didn’t they released it to Canada, Australia, NZ, and India with the rest of the world "to follow" much like this situation but it still hasn’t come to rest of the world.

oh google, bringing back an old feature, tying it up to photos and hype it up.

anyone remembers google goggles? a great app they stopped supporting.

Got it. It’s useless. Doesn’t recognise anything.

Google lens will not recognize a single one of my firearms. The politicising of these silicone valley companies has gotten out of hand.

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