Google adds a video voicemail feature to its Duo messaging app

Image: Google

Duo, Google’s take on Apple’s FaceTime, is getting video messages today in an update. The feature allows users to leave voicemail-style selfie videos for any user who misses or declines a call on Duo. The messages can be 30 seconds in length, and they’ll also automatically disappear after a day, although recipients can download the videos to their camera rolls for posterity.

Unlike Google’s Allo, which has struggled to find a purpose in the crowded text-based messaging marketplace, Duo’s video-focused purpose has helped it find an audience on both iOS and Android. The app is the 17th most popular social networking app on Apple’s App Store, while Allo sits at No. 93, while Duo on Android has long since passed the 100 million download threshold. (Because the Play Store only uses ranges, Duo may have been downloaded on Android hundreds of millions of more times, up to 500 million.)

Google says video messages will start rolling out to iOS and Android Duo users today, with the feature widely available worldwide later this week.

Image: Google


Google Guo is the closest in terms of video quality video calling app competing with Apple’s FaceTime. The only problem is depending on your phone it won’t work. You will get a strange echo sound. Google needs to fix that. But besides that issue, it’s amazing.

And voice mail. I mean … why didn’t Apple do that when they first came up with FaceTime? Seems simple.

Now that Queen Caitlyn Jenner declared Snapchat dead… this makes a lot of sense

*Kylie Jenner

They look so similar it’s hard to discern…

Honestly besides leaving video and audio mails after the person doesn’t pick up, I can promise that users would use the app more if you can just send videos or audio messages between users without dialing.

Could be a good opportunity to take on Snapchat actually.

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