Windows 10’s File Explorer is getting tabs support that you can test today

Microsoft first unveiled its new tabs for every app in Windows 10 last year. While testers got an early look at them briefly, Microsoft is now letting every Windows 10 tester on the Skip Ahead ring get access to tabs today with build 17618. The biggest addition is tabs are now available in File Explorer, a highly-requested feature (more than 20,000 votes) and something Microsoft has resisted in Windows previously.

Alongside File Explorer, other built-in traditional Windows apps like Notepad, Command Prompt, and PowerShell are also getting tabs support. Microsoft is also enabling tabs in Mail, Calendar, OneNote, and MSN News Windows 10 apps, with the ability to have File Explorer running alongside a tabbed version of OneNote or Mail.

Microsoft is testing this feature with its Windows Insiders today, and the company still hasn’t committed to when we’ll see tabs broadly across Windows 10. It does appear that some features of Sets, as Microsoft calls its tabs, will appear in the next Windows 10 update later this year. Currently codenamed Redstone 5, this is the first major feature we’ve seen appear in test builds so far. Microsoft is expected to launch new features in Redstone 5 over the course of its development in the coming months.


I doubt that. I think they’re just taking their time with it. Eventually all Windows native apps will be UWP + Fluent, but I’m sure that it will take at least a few years.

It will take a decade. Heck their Fluent isn’t a legitimate design language yet, it’s just a bunch of bull statements, no defined philosophy and physics and a defined guidelines yet unlike when Material design launched.

Everything is being figured out and explored as of now. As if Google already introduced Material in Android KitKat when Google Now was initially announced too, introduced the paper component, and says this is the future of design of Android and call it a day

Its called prototyping, and this is also the reason why its only available on the Insider builds. Interface changes don’t just magically appear from the drawing board to the UI – especially since devs and designers often disagree, often!

I’m on public build even in Creators Update yet, and I am testing interface changes too in recent public builds and yes they do flight it right away these days to the public build like the Arcylic

So defined philosophy huh? I suggest your read up:

But hurr durr, Microsoft SUCKS!

No it doesn’t mean that. This is basically a temporary solution, it’s rumored that we will get a new UWP file explorer next year when Polaris Shell for Windows Core OS comes out.

That’s a bunch of codename jargons in one sentence that’s is very unlikely to come out and be nailed properly by Microsoft in the real life

You will eat those words.

I will not

about freaking time

I was asking for this for years. Love love love it. Tired of using unstable 3rd party apps for this.

You asked for tabs!

Tabs everywhere!

File explorer tab in other apps…. Mmmmm

Yea we Insiders just asked for a transparency in title bar, Microsoft puts transparency everywhere

We just literally asked for tabs on File Explorer, they put Tabs everywhere, letting you launch any app inside an app anywhere, virtually turning every title bar of any of your apps as another taskbar.

What is this company’s smoking?

So we’re getting a better version of what you wanted and yet you’re still complaining?

OOooo …. Me likey!!!

This is in OS X already, that is interesting. I didn’t know Windows didn’t have it.

Does OS X have universal tab support for all applications? That’s interesting – I didn’t know it had that.

Finder gained tabs in OS X Mavericks (2013), and tabs everywhere came out with Sierra (2016).

I’m sorry, I’m confused. So are these just tabs for Finder? Or are you talking about a similar feature that allows other applications to be tabs within Finder?

Someone may correct me on this, but I believe Mac has tabs everywhere sort of like sets, but doesn’t let you mix and match applications like windows sets does.
Does that make sense?

It absolutely does and I think you’re right.

That’s cool, thanks for the clarification! So, any application can get tabbed, but not necessarily put with a bunch of other programs all in a window. Seems like we’re kinda talking functionality reminiscent of the windows taskbar (Multiple "tabs" of each program, but each living separately and not in the same window) and of multiple desktops (having all of your stuff for one use case separate from your stuff for a different use case). I guess the innovation here is just ease of use? If so, sounds good to me.

I wouldn’t call it tabs everywhere. Just the apps that support it. Finder, Maps and Terminal have tabs, but TextEdit for example doesn’t have it for some reason. Most 3rd party apps don’t have it either.

Having said that, I also don’t think Windows will have tabs everywhere. Again, the apps will likely need to support it for it to work.
The biggest difference with OsX is that Windows will allow you to group different apps into the same window. It’s just another option to organise things and can see how this would be useful if you are working on several projects at the same time. You can group all the apps for each project in one window and tab your way around.
But Explorer with tabs alone will be a huge win.

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