Alexa now understands casual music queries about songs you’ve listened to in the past

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Amazon’s been rolling out a series of incremental but still useful Alexa features over the past several months, particularly around Amazon Music — the service Amazon would love for you to use as the default on your Echo devices. Today’s update includes a couple new features that let users request music using more natural or vague language.

People will now be able to ask Alexa for music tracks or playlists based on time passed, like “Play that playlist I played last Sunday,” or “Play that workout music I listened to three weeks ago,” or “Play something I haven’t heard in awhile.” The same applies to genres and artists; you can request a song by an artist that you listened to “recently,” or a music mood you’ve been into lately, even if you don’t know the specific titles.

The new features are small ones, but they’re part of a larger effort by Amazon to make voice commands through Alexa feel more natural and, frankly, more interesting. Over the past six months, the company has introduced things like the ability to create playlists solely by voice, to request music-based alarms, to ask for music based on activities (like “cooking” or “dinner party”), and to query top songs in different parts of the world.

It’s also part of an effort to draw people into Amazon’s Music services by making a lot of these voice features exclusive. Not surprisingly, this new Alexa feature will only work for Amazon Music listeners (which includes both Prime Music and Music Unlimited, the $10 per month service without Prime) on Echo devices, as well as on iOS and Android.

It’s unclear exactly how many subscribers Amazon Music has or how many people these new features will affect. One report last year estimated it had 16 million subscribers, which would slide it into third place behind Spotify and Apple, but Amazon hasn’t confirmed that number. If true, that means it’s still a fraction of Spotify’s streaming music customer base and half of Apple’s, despite the Echo’s success and some of the deals it offers, like $4 per month for unlimited music on a single Echo speaker.


While they are at it, how about updating the weather command? I ask for something specific, like "What is the temperature outside right now" and it goes on its entire day’s weather spiel and spouts of multiple high/low/current temperature/current conditions. Siri and Google Home both respond with just the relevant information – the temperature right now.

It has been my biggest annoyance with Alexa since day one, and it has never changed.

I’d say Google’s is also limited; if I ask about the rain today I want to know specifics, not yes/no.

It would be nice if you could also select the weather service that was used. I live in Arlington, Virginia, and the forecasts I get from Alexa seem to be from East Timor. I gave up and installed my own weather station. Fortunately, Alexa can report from it, but of course it only gives current conditions and not forecasts.

All things considered, Alexa sucks as a source for useful information. But hey, she can giggle at you.

One report last year estimated it had 16 million subscribers

Surely it’s all Prime subscribers, plus those people who pay for it without Prime?

I read somewhere that Amazon Prime has 90 million subscribers in the US alone, and since Prime Music is included, that’s still more than people paying for Spotify.

"Amazon Music — the service Amazon would love for you to use as the default on your Echo devices."

Just like I’m sure Google and Apple want you to use their services on their devices.

Why wouldn’t people use it? It’s built into every Echo so you don’t need to set up anything extra for other services like Spotify.

That’s why I have Google Play Music on my Android phone, since I’m already part of Google’s ecosystem and I prefer to use all their services.

New feature: It randomly laughs at your music tastes.

And your bedroom skills.

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