Microsoft is now selling Samsung’s Galaxy S9, without any Microsoft apps

Samsung’s Galaxy S9
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Microsoft is selling Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus through its US stores — but unlike last year’s Galaxy S8, Microsoft isn’t customizing it at all. It’s just the regular Galaxy S9.

That said, Microsoft is still hoping you’ll install some of its apps after checkout: the company says it’s happy to have its employees download apps like Office and Cortana on the device before you leave the store, should you ask them for help setting it up.

This is a big change of course for Microsoft and Samsung. Microsoft apps were pre-installed on the S6 and S7. And for the S8, Microsoft sold a customized edition of the phone that would download those apps upon setup. Microsoft even seem to be confused about how things would play out this year — a spokesperson initially told TrustedReviews that the S9 would be customized in the same way.

Microsoft has since followed up with us with a new statement, saying that the S9 it sells will be “the same phone you can purchase elsewhere” and confirmed that Microsoft applications ”do not come preinstalled.”

The difference is likely related to a confidential deal between Microsoft and Samsung over a bitter Android royalties dispute. The pair settled the dispute in 2015, and Samsung started bundling Microsoft’s Skype, OneDrive, and OneNote apps on the Galaxy S6 and S7 devices. Samsung bundled these apps again on the S8, but Microsoft also started offering its own versions of Samsung’s Galaxy devices with these apps and customizations preinstalled. It seems that with the S9, either that deal is over or the terms have changed.

Update March 12th, 1:49PM ET: Microsoft tells us the S9 won’t be customized with Microsoft software; this story initially said it would, based on an earlier comment from a spokesperson. The story has been updated to reflect the new information.


Cortana, Bixby and Google Assistant all on one phone….what more could you ask for….lol…oh wait..Alexa

There’s an app for it so just get it and you’re all setup.

See if you can get them to fight.

AI fight… that sounds hilarious and scary at the same time.

It’s great until Alexa get’s pissed and "accidentally" orders a metric truck load of dildo’s (or y’know explosives) to be delivered to Microsoft headquarters.

That’s disturbing on several levels. lol

Supposedly Cortana and Alexa have integration in the works.

Don’t mind. Microsoft and Samsung is good combination.

My first reaction was: Great idea, Microsoft is throwing out all that Samsung bloatware crap and substituting it with higher-quality Microsoft alternatives!
After reading the whole article: Oh, so Microsoft is just piling on even more software …

If you care you can disable whatever you want including all of the Samsung apps, which even removes it from the app tray. The only thing it doesn’t do is recover the space but with 64Gb,+256Gb SD card I think giving up 1Gb of space is ok.

You mean 4G for the S9. The 64GB+SD is for the OS and media (photos, videos, music, ringtones, etc.). Pretty much all the apps install into the 4G of RAM by default. (6G for the S9+)

Wow!…No, nothing gets installed on the RAM! Everything goes into 64GB (and/or the SD).

The hell are you talking about, installing on RAM?

Pretty much all the apps install into the 4G of RAM by default

You are going to get roasted for commenting this

Lol, do you even know what RAM is?
And you still talk about ringtone like it’s 2004. Lmao.

I’d be fine if removing Google apps just hid them and didn’t free up extra space. But those Samsung apps are just duplicates and bloatware, so no, it’s not ok. Samsung is advertising it as having 64GB, isn’t it? You might be able to put an SD card in, but last time I checked, most apps still only install onto the internal storage (I guess that’s what allargon is referring to).

I thought for a second we were getting a microsoft style (non bloatewary) GS9. That would be nice.

Seems odd not to install the launcher by default. It’s one of the first ‘apps’ I always suggest to people. Their best contribution to Android apart from OneNote widgets imo.

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