Microsoft is bringing 19 more original Xbox games to the Xbox One, including Star Wars classics

Microsoft is bringing 19 new original Xbox games to the Xbox One this month, including six classic Star Wars titles. The additions bring the total number of original Xbox backwards compatibility games to 32, after Microsoft launched 13 titles last year. All of the games will work via either a disc version of the title or a digital copy from the Microsoft Store. This is the full list of games that will be available later this month:

Original Xbox games releasing on April 17:

Original Xbox games releasing on April 26:

Alongside the original Xbox additions, Microsoft is also bringing additional Xbox One X Enhanced updates to existing Xbox 360 games. Those updates will be available today, and they will bring enhancements to the following games:


I love BC!

i’m going to jump back into Red Dead Redemption with the One X enhancement. Will be fun to catch up on the story leading up into Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption, enhanced for Xbox One X!?!

I just bought the new PS4 and these announcements make me want to take it in the bath tub with me. like fuuuuuuck.

new PS4? is there a new version of PS4 announced?

nah just one with better specs. the ps4 pro.

I dunno why, but I was thinking about Sonic Generations the other day, and was contiating picking up the 3DS version. Maybe I’ll scoop up the Xbox One version.

Simpsons hit and run cmon. So much nostalgia

Sega sued. You won’t see that Crazy Taxi ripoff anywhere but a pawn shop in 2018.

I believe Simpsons road rage was the crazy taxi rip off. Hit and run is a gta style open world game

ahhh you’re correct.


Quite possibly the coolest Star Wars game ever made.

I know right?

A clean* remake of that game would be one of the best sellers of the year. Undoubtedly.

*Literally just a campaign with a couple DLCs, no microtransactions, no battle royale mode. Just a simple updated remake for new computers and consoles.

Oh dang! Loved that game.

Jade Empire! Conker!! Amazing list! Xbox backwards compatibility must be a industry standard!

isn’t it a standard?
PC/Steam has backward compat
Xbox has backward compat
Nintendo has back compat (with virtual console) and releases of old games on Switch
Playstation has…..PS Now?

PS Now isn’t BC and Nintendo’s VC makes you pay for games you already own.

Virtual Console is more than just Nintendo games (well it used to be). Many of the games on the service I never owned so your blanket statement doesn’t make sense.

PS Now is BC because it lets you play PS3 games on the PS4 (or even a PC).

That’s not BC, which Sony dropped during the PS3 revisions. That’s a subscription service that contains old games. Neither is the VC, because it’s a new (old) game only for that specific system. You maintain no ability to carry it forward. (Wii VC did not carry to Wii U, which did not carry to Switch).

Microsoft does this for free. If you own the game, you put the disc in and play it. You can buy it if you previously didn’t have it like the VC… but you carry it to the next system still without another purchase. They’re looking to create a platform, buy once and play forever. Steam through its existence has done this.

PSNow is a paid streaming service, not backwards compatibility.. you can’t put a PS3 disk you already own into your PS4 and play it..

Virtual Console is Nintendo reselling you games you may already own.. again, not backwards compatibility.

However, the 3DS however was Backwards Compatible with DS carts, and the WiiU was backwards compatible with Wii discs. The DS with GBA games, the Wii with Gamecube discs, and the Gameboy Advance with Gameboy and Gameboy Color catridges… So yes, for a decade or so there – Nintendo was doing backwards compatibility, but they aren’t any more. And Sony was too with the PS2’s ability to play PS1 discs, and early model PS3’s playing PS2 and PS1 discs

Making you rebuy a game does not equal backwards compatibility, nor does making you pay for a streaming service to stream the game.. So the only other standard there is for PC.

I’m sure glad that I kept Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic II for all these years. Thanks Microsoft!!

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