Google to launch new Gmail design in the coming weeks

Google is planning to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface soon. In an email to G Suite administrators, obtained by The Verge, the company says the new design will include “several new features” that will also be made available to regular Gmail accounts. Google promises a “fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web,” with features like Smart Reply, the ability to snooze emails, and offline support.

Google isn’t revealing exactly what the new design for Gmail looks like, but the company did recently launch a new design for Google Calendar. The calendar was updated with modern icons, colors, and cleaner event boxes. Overall the design looked a lot more like the mobile app, and it’s reasonable to assume that Gmail itself will be updated in a similar way. Google did radically redesign Gmail for its separate Inbox app back in 2014, but the company has stuck to the original Gmail design so far for its web version.

Google’s Gmail redesign will be available in the coming weeks as an early access program for G Suite customers and personal Gmail accounts. Google is looking to test critical Chrome extensions, to ensure the new Gmail experience is compatible before it’s widely available.

Google confirmed a new Gmail is on the way in a statement to The Verge. “We’re working on some major updates to Gmail (they’re still in draft phase),” says a Google spokesperson. “We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can’t share anything yet—archive this for now, and we’ll let you know when it’s time to hit send.”

Update, 12:30PM ET: Article updated with Google confirmation.

Google’s Gmail design email


Please give us the ability to disable conversational view on app

in apps go to settings—>general setting—>Conversation View

in web: settings—>general tab—>Conversation View

In the app, that is only for exchange for third party email but not gmail

If they’re addding snooze functionality, is that another step towards the death of Inbox?

Probably, or at least moving towards feature parity until they have some new ideas to play with in Inbox.

A super neat idea might be updating it to fit the iPhone X.

I really think Inbox was their beta home for Gmail.

I used Inbox for a long time but switch to gmail simply because they still haven’t updated the app for the iPhone X yet. That alone makes me wonder about the future of Inbox since it is one of the few Google apps (photoscan and android TV the only others that I know of) that haven’t been updated.

Newsstand also hasn’t been updated for the X

I’d like to see a roadmap that explains where inbox fits… if indeed it still has a future.

Called it

Quick poll – do people use the Gmail or Inbox for their google mail account? why?

I’ve always used Inbox as it seemed, when it was released, that this was the essentially Gmail 2.0, but they keep on supporting Gmail which makes me think that they’re two separate products with different purposes. When I bought the Pixel 2 I was surprised at how integrated Gmail was and that Inbox wasn’t even installed by default.

I have been using Inbox on desktop & mobile since day one and haven’t looked back. Now on my iPhone X the Inbox app hasn’t been updated to support the new screen and I have installed the regular Gmail app but am not quite ready to make the jump back. I prefer the way Inbox works.

Poll response: Gmail, because I keep the inbox lean and mean and don’t need the "help me deal with hundreds of messages" features of Google Inbox.

I use Spark now but that was my experience as well. I tried Inbox when it came out but my Gmail accounts are really not that unmanageable, even though (and perhaps because) I had 5(?) of them at the time.

But the whole point of all those features in Inbox is that it makes it easier to keep your inbox lean and mean. Sure, it can be done in Gmail, but I think you’d benefit from transitioning to the interface designed to streamline what you have to do manually otherwise.

This exactly. For example, I keep my inbox leaner by snoozing emails and having them pop up when I need them, which I can’t do in the vanilla Gmail app.

not everyone like change from traditional email. Image if google moved everyone from gmail to inbox and there would be million of people complaining. It good that they added it as an option so that people who like it can install and use it.
i see inbox as a AI infused gmail client(another client) but the backend is the same

I use inbox and frankly an often surprised to realize the regular interface still exists.

I used Inbox for about a year and a half before switching back (about nine months ago) to Gmail.
My reasons were (most to least significant):

  • Performance – Gmail feels much lighter and snappier than Inbox, maybe partly because it doesn’t have animations. Even on a powerful desktop and modern browser, there’s quite a difference.
  • Readability – The more compact and uniform design of Gmail’s main list is just easier to evaluate at a glance than Inbox’s. Information (such as read/unread status, starred emails, sender/subject line, etc.) comes across more quickly. Part of the problem is that the extra data displayed by Inbox makes messages take up different amounts of vertical space.
  • Fear (phobia perhaps) of missing emails. The separate inboxes used by Inbox make me nervous, though I don’t think it’s ever actually been a problem. While Gmail has inbox tabs as well (Social, Promotions, etc.) they aren’t as granular and feel more reliable. (I know this is all configurable. Nevertheless.)

I think what it comes down to is that I don’t get enough email to warrant Inbox’s more aggressive management, so I’d rather go through more things manually. Also I have to wait half a second for Inbox to do things.

Which inbox do you use in Gmail by default?

I know what you mean about fear of missing messages in inbox. I’ve actually overlooked important emails before because they were in a bundled group and less important emails in the same bundle quickly came in after the important email and pushed the important email back in the list of bundled preview emails such that I either didn’t recognize it was important or simply didn’t notice it because I was focused on the most recent emails that came in.

I disabled the grouping in Gmail so everything is just in my inbox, no separation other than what gets filtered in to spam. But I also have a number of custom filters for things such as Google Play receipts.

I don’t understand the fear of missing messages.

Everything gets sorted to 1 of 4 categories, or goes directly to your inbox. What is there to miss?

When you have a high volume of email (and / or you don’t check it often) it’s easy for important emails to slip out of view on an Inbox label. Particularly so on mobile, which doesn’t show as many as on desktop.

I use inbox primarily but occasionally need to switch back to Gmail for certain functions.

I mostly use it for some of its smarts around automatically detecting trips and that sort of thing. I like the concept around automatic labeling and snoozing and while I do use both to an extent, they haven’t really help me tame my inbox.

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