James Comey will give a talk to Amazon employees next week

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

In a moment seemingly engineered to generate enraged tweets from the president, former FBI director James Comey will speak to Amazon employees next week as part of his ongoing book tour.

The Intercept broke the news of the talk last night, and reported that it’s set for Monday at 10AM in Seattle. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the talk and said it was part of a series of discussions at the company, known as Fishbowls. The spokesperson said the company has hosted 35 authors in the past year.

Comey has been hitting the press circuit to publicize his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty, which takes aim at President Trump, calling him “untethered to truth.” The tour itself has also given Comey an ample platform to continue criticizing the president, which he’s used to discuss both Trump’s leadership skills and the excessive length of his ties.

In recent weeks, both Comey and Amazon have been targets of the president’s tweets. This week, Trump wrote that “Slippery James Comey” was “the worst FBI Director in history.” Meanwhile, he’s spent several weeks repeatedly criticizing Amazon’s relationship with the Postal Service, saying the service has been acting as the company’s “delivery boy.” Trump has not yet said anything about the confluence of the two targets, but the forecast of a tweetstorm seems high.


His ties are pretty long. I’m glad mens fashion has some sense and doesn’t just blindly copy everything the president does.

Well, he already made the President mad so doing it more couldn’t hurt.

In a moment seemingly engineered to generate enraged tweets from the president

What a troll lol. This alone is going to make me buy his book.

Gotta milk that 15 minutes of fame. He and Omarosa should tour together.

Difference is Omarosa is so damn fine.

This will make Trump’s head explode. The only question is how many lies are going to be in his tweet?

Comey is a leaker

No he’s not. Nothing he wrote was classified.

He leaked his personal thoughts. Trump also leaks his personal thoughts. Is the president of the US a leaker too?!

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