Instagram might be testing a mute button and a bunch of other new features

Twitter user @MattNavarra

We might be getting an Instagram mute button and a bunch of other features, I hope. Twitter user @wongmjane posted about various tests Instagram has conducted or is currently testing. Jane Wong is apparently a computer science student who appears to be looking through the app’s code.

Instagram told The Verge it didn’t “have anything to share on this right now,” regarding the apparent tests. While they’re unconfirmed for now, it’s at least fun to imagine that they’re legitimate and that Instagram is thinking about improving its platform with some of these changes.

Let’s run through all the tests Wong has supposedly uncovered.

One: Reactions to stories

It looks like people could react in real time, based off those laughing smilies you see above. You could also use emoji in responses, sort of like stickers in iMessage.

Two: Slow-mo recording mode

Every vlogger loves slow-mo mode, so this would probably be appreciated by people who don’t want to rely on their phone’s built-in slow-mo features, or by people who have older phones without slow-mo mode.

Three: A mute button for profiles

This would probably work similarly to Twitter’s mute button, which silences people from your feed but doesn’t require you to unfollow them. You can look like you still care even if you don’t.

Four: Instagram Stories’ calendar archive view

If you look at your Instagram archive right now, you’ll see essentially a grid of your old stories. It’s not super easy to navigate, so a calendar view would definitely be appreciated.


Mute is the best feature in existence on social networks. It says, "Yes, I want to associate with you because we were friends from high school, but also you post way too much garbage and I don’t actually care about you that much."

Can I mute all their friends suggestions and put the feed back to chronological? no? guess i still wont use instagram then.

Can we add a feature that automatically places multiple posts in a day into a gallery, a forced Story?

Now if only there was a feature that allowed you to place the posts on your feed in a sensible order; perhaps sorting them by the date and time they were posted. Hmmmmm.

If that aligned with their business interests they would do it. Until then, I’m afraid you just have to get over it

I’ve "gotten over it" plenty… by not using their platform. I’m aware it doesn’t hurt them even the tiniest bit, but I feel better about not bothering with them anyway.

Actually very good and useful features.

I just really don’t get the point of a mute feature. Either follow someone or don’t. Why are people afraid to hit the unfollow button?

Many reasons. An unfollow usually results in the other person unfollowing you as well which at times someone may not want. It’s the whole "follow back" culture. People still want those individuals (especially if they may have some clout) to follow them, even if they don’t like their content. Which in a perfect world is how it would be – you just follow who/what you’re interested in. But there are people who take offense to these things so the mute button mitigates that.

Some people may desire to follow someone passively out of affiliation/respect/admiration as well. The whole "I’m following them because they’re a cool person" or "because that’s my favorite cousin" or "I want to help him grow his following" etc. But they don’t necessarily care about or find value in the content they post. The mute button is a great solution for that.

Some people only like seeing content from brands or news or blogs or influential people on their feeds. They don’t want the clutter of the other people they are cool with but aren’t interested in (but may want to still show a connection to) to overrun those feeds. So you’ve got a mute button.

Sometimes people go on a tirade or extended rants or posts (i.e. when they’re going through personal issues or when they’re going on vacation and want to post every stop sign/plate of food/blue sky they see) and you don’t want that to clutter your normal flow of content. The mute button is great as a temporary solution.

People have their own reasonings, whether seemingly childish or practical. Though intimidation may play a role for some it’s not always fear that makes people choose mute over an unfollow.

Follow back culture has been the death of social media (with regard to it being a nice place to be like it was back at the start), it just feed’s people fragile states and anxiety.

I don’t disagree. Hence why I stay clear of it. I follow only the select few I actually care to follow, no one else.

I mainly use Instagram for inspiration for work, but there are a few (regular, non inspirational) friends in there that are too close to unfollow. Some of them have zero clue that posting 30 pics a day can be slightly annoying. I’d love a mute button for those lovely people.

If they’re that close of a friend they shouldn’t care. I’ve unfollowed a few of my "annoying post" friends and its a running joke whenever I see them.

"Hey have your posts stop sucking so I can follow you again?"

But to each his own.

i like that slow motion feature very much, it can create some hilarious shots

I thought all these dissapearing privacy bullshit of Instagram and Snapchat, its meant it’s deleted forever. So in fact they’re really not deleting anything.

hahaa a mute button. just unfollow them

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