Spotify will make a ‘news announcement’ on April 24th in New York

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Spotify this morning invited press to an April 24th event in New York City, where the streaming music company says it will make “a news announcement.” Unfortunately, the invitation offers zero clues as to what the pending announcement could be.

Spotify has been testing voice controls for its app of late, so the news could be a wider rollout of that feature. And job listings continue to hint at the company’s potential hardware ambitions. But “news announcement” doesn’t exactly point to some grand product unveiling. Spotify could also make adjustments to its free and / or paid tiers as the company continues trying to fend off Apple Music and maintain its lead over rival music services.

The event will come after Spotify’s successful IPO earlier this week on the New York Stock Exchange.

There’s not much to go on here.


Getting bought?

By who?

The last of the big 3, Microsoft!

I hope not



If Spotify does get acquired, my personal bet would be Amazon, though I think that is unlikely given that they recently just went public.

I think that would be the most shocking announcement since their first day of trading as a public company was just days ago but heck, crazier things have happened!

crazier things have happened


We went to the moon

Prediction: They’ll announce a HomePod/Echo competitor.

why waste the no cash they have?

Don’t Spotify need to find a way to make money?

Probably just launch in new countries

Dark horse option:
Stations gets a revamp, including a Beats 1 competitor. Tons of Rap Caviar like playlists made into programming blocks, updated more frequently.

I’m with you, all your predictions sound very plausible. I’m betting some hardware will show up as well.

Maybe the clue is in the title. It’s a "news" announcement. Maybe Spotify is adding some sort of vetted, professional news to it’s service.

That’s what I was thinking as well. I think their playlists are all pretty great so I don’t see what they could possibly do to them that would be major news release worthy.

I saw on another TheVerge article mention of an in-car device. So there could be some hardware coming.

Moving into hardware maybe? A dedicated portable player?

I’m thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a stylish speaker with their new assistant on board, probably portable. Hell, it would be kinda neat if it also has cellular capabilities with a special plan but I’m sure that is reaching a bit haha

I just got a SURVEY in the app that basically said the following:

Thanks for being a loyal customer….. blah blah blah.

1. What would you think would be a steal of a price for Spotify Premium, Hulu and some other service (I forgot) bundled?

2. What would you pay for said service?

3. What would be to much for said service….

4. Would you subscribe?

So if this is a hint, it might be Hulu incorporated….

Cooperation with Urbanears hardware division in order to bring a Spotify speaker with Alexa and/or Google Assistant on board + special Spotify commands. Just my wild guess.

That’s be nice

Most likely the announcement will to they are jacking up subscription rates because now they have to show their new stock investors profit growth in the next quarter and their subscription numbers are not increasing.

adding news radio section? stream all the top radio stations

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