Google Chrome adds a new emoji right-click shortcut

Google Chrome added a new shortcut today to make adding emoji on desktop easier. It’s currently on the testing channel Chrome Canary, and users can enable it now by going to chrome://flags and searching “emoji,” as spotted by 9to5Google.

What Google Chrome is proposing is adding an emoji option on the menu that appears when you right-click any text field. Users can then right-click to get to the emoji option and pull up the emoji options for Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS, depending on what operating system they’re running.

It’s not a groundbreaking addition, considering there are already ways to pull up emoji on desktop, including the shortcut Command + Control + Space for Macs or the touch keyboard on certain Windows devices. Third-party messaging apps like Messenger, Slack, Discord, and Skype also all have their own emoji libraries available. Still, with companies like Apple adding more and more emoji options each year, this gives us quicker access to actually use them.

The feature hasn’t yet made it to the public version of Chrome, but it may be released in the coming weeks.


Windows can open an emoji keyboard for a number of languages with the Windows + . combination, no need to use the touch keyboard. This was added for en-US in version
1709 and for additional languages in version 1

Macs have a shortcut as well (Command + Control + Space). Trying to figure out who this feature is actually helping.

Linux users? Chromebook users?

Hundreds of millions of people using Windows outside of the US (the Windows + . shortcut is US-only).

The Windows key + period shortcut is coming to all languages literally in 3 days with Windows 10 Version 1803, that’s long before this Chrome feature is gonna hit the stable release everyone is using so irrelevant.

I noticed this in Chrome Canary yesterday when doing my muscle-memory right-click→open in new tab. Anger ensued. Since "Emoji" is the new top item, I accidentally triggered it a dozen times in the past 2 days before figuring out how to disable it inside of chrome://flags (just search for ‘emoji’).

Mac OS X already provides emojis (Control+Command+Space) and according to another commenter, Windows 10 has this, as well (Windows+.).

I can save you time/frustration. Shift + click or middle click opens links in new tabs a lot faster than right click > open in new tab

Isn’t it Control + Click for a new tab? Shift + Click opens the link in a new window.

I just cant wait to use the emoji feature. Thanks google.

I use Windows + Space all the time but this will be much appreciated too since I noticed sometimes the Windows one doesn’t have all the emoji.

Emojis are only as good as the device that they’re being viewed on.
So to those asking why is this needed, well, I surmise that if the person who is reading the text that contains the emoji in a chrome browser, that the intended emoij will be accurately displayed regardless of their OS or OS version.

If you are using the Japanese keyboard in Mac you just have to type in part of the emotion and you can choose emoji with the space bar.

Vivaldi needs this immediately.

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