Instagram is letting users share posts directly to their stories

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The line between Instagram posts and stories is getting even thinner today. There’s a new feature that will let users share posts — both from their own account and from public accounts they follow — directly to their story as a sticker.

Instagram imagines the feature will be used to help promote friends and brands you like on your own story, making it easier to share, say, a band’s tour announcement with your followers. (It’s easier than saving or screenshotting the image itself since people are going to do it anyway.) Any post that you share to your story still will include the original poster’s username, along with a link back to the original post.

Users will be able to share stories by tapping the same paper airplane above a post in their feed that they would use to share a post through Instagram Direct. Now, there’s an additional option to create a story instead. Posts share to stories as a sticker that users can rearrange, resize, and place on customizable backgrounds before posting.

Only posts from public accounts can be shared to stories, and users will have the option to disable others from sharing their posts.

The new story-sharing feature is set to launch on Android today, and it should roll out to iOS over the coming week.


Finally! Glad they’re removing the restrictions of having 10k followers or whatever and letting everyone use this. Still doesn’t make up for the non-chronological feed but it’s a step at least

This is actually one feature I’ve been waiting for.

Remember when they "fixed" feeds to be "more chronological" again…ah, the good old days.

Still wish they’d just do a paid version of the app that gave users more control over their feed (algorithm vs. chronological), no ads, and the option to turn off/hide stories altogether. I’d legit pay $5 a year for that…not even just a one-time payment (which I’d also accept).

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