DC Comics’ new streaming service now has a name and a landing page

Last year, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced they were launching a new digital streaming platform that would include both animated and live action series. Now, that service has a name — DC Universe — and an official landing page on the DC Comics website.

The landing page describes the platform as a “first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans,” with access to exclusive original series. Several shows have already been announced for the platform, including the animated Young Justice: Outsiders, the live-action adaptation of DC’s Titans comics, and an animated series focusing on fan favorite Harley Quinn. Today it was also announced that a live-action Swamp Thing series would be coming to the service.

Based on the comics by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the one-hour Swamp Thing drama will be written by Mark Verheiden (Daredevil, Ash vs. Evil Dead) and Gary Dauberman (It). Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) will write and produce the Titans series alongside Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind).

While DC Universe doesn’t have a launch date yet, Titans is expected to premiere sometime in 2018, with Swamp Thing targeted for a 2019 release.


Are there DC fans?

Yes. I much prefer the DC Universe to Marvel.

Oof. Why?

Personal preferences? And just because MrJedi said they prefer the DC Universe, doesn’t mean they specifically mean the cinematic versions of the characters. I feel like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc have much richer and complex backstories and comic lines than Marvel But that’s me. I know everyone has their own reasons for choosing one over the other. I still love Marvel films though!

You nailed it. I haven’t seen any of the recent movies. I saw Iron Man 1 & 2 and thought they were good, but had no desire to see any more of the MCU. I made the mistake of watching GOTG which was at least a half hour too long. I have never felt to compelled to read any Marvel stories other than Spiderman. I like all of the X-Men movies, but when it comes to the books I have always been drawn to DC. There aren’t any characters at Marvel that really interest me. Plain and simple. It is just the imaginary universe I grew up reading and like to stick to it.

I enjoy watching most MCU movies for the entertainment. But I’m DC all the way for the sheer gravity of their characters. In that regard, I feel like the DC animated series’ are bloody epic (beyond the comics of course).

I feel like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc have much richer and complex backstories and comic lines than Marvel But that’s me.

And better villains.

Is your only exposure to DC the recent movies? One isn’t really better or worse than the other.

I echo everyone below. Find the DC characters to be richer. I also think DC does a better job managing their timelines, worlds, etc. Marvel historically tends to not care as much about continuity in the comics. That’s okay – that’s how they are.

While Marvel has found great success in the films, they have not been nearly as strong for TV, comics, and direct animated. DC has been stronger in all those areas when we look at ratings, sales, etc. Events like Infinity War have not had a trickle down effect for expanding Marvel’s market whereas DC sales grew stronger, even with issues on film.

There are big positives for both universes and both have a lot of fans.

There are definitely young justice fans, I’ll have to subscribe to support that show alone.

I could probably ask the same about Marvel honestly. See how personal preference plays into it?

Sure they have a good movie business going and make entertaining movies (all of which I watch) but I’ve never really been a fan of most of the MCU characters. The only Marvel properties I liked growing up were X-Men and a bit of Spiderman.

On the flip side, I’m a huge JL fan and even though I haven’t been a teenager in decades, I still like to sit down once or twice a year and catch up on what’s going on with books if I can.

DC didn’t make good movies, but they pretty much did a great job in TV, Comics and Games along with their Animated movie universe, all of which Marvel lags behind in.

If you’re talking about the movies, I hear you. They were badly executed, even sad when compared to Marvel’s offerings.

But if you’re talking about comics and other media, DC’s quality is on par or even superior (better animated movies and video games). They are willing to take creative risks (even though some attempts fall flat) while Marvel favours a safer and more unified approach. Nothing wrong with either.

I’m a much bigger fan of Marvel in general, mostly because of what I grew up with and the fact that I tend to identify more with Marvel characters, but I have a whole lot of love for the DC Universe as well. Some of my absolute favorite heroes come from DC.

Disappointing. I didn’t want a streaming service, I wanted DC to make their version of Marvel Unlimited. I also doubt that there are enough DC Fans to keep a video streaming service of just DC content afloat. If anything, WB should make a larger WB streaming platform with all of their properties, like CW shows and stuff from the Turner cable networks like Cartoon Network shows and such.

This. A million times this!

I read the headline and about jumped out of my seat thinking DC was launching a Marvel Unlimited competitor. Then I got sad when I started reading the article.

Yep. I have no desire to watch the endless cartoons that have been made. Give me the back catalog of the books.

Wait I thought part of this streaming service was you got access to comics like Marvel Unlimited and it wasn’t going to cost much more.

I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve been a big fan of a bunch of the DC animated shows and movies. I hope they put a ton of their back catalog on their along with the new stuff. Can’t wait for new Young Justice.

Swamp Thing should be a proper movie.
It would do the DCEU a world of good.

And… I’m not subscribing to a DC streaming service. I’m just not.
At least Disney has a variety of sources for its shows.

Maybe they’ll sub-let some of their series to Netflix eventually.

Will the service still be including comics? I would think they have to because who would subscribe to a service that only has 4 shows.

All these proprietary streaming services will kill the cable cutting revolution. I mean if you are paying $80 in total a month for a bunch of subscriptions, and then the sum of the content still doesn’t match traditional Cable TV service, then what is the point?

Why not just pay for 1 cable instead of getting tied up in 12 different cables? People think they are getting freedom when they cut the cord but don’t realize they are just slaving themselves to numerous content companies that will all slowly increase subscription fees and you will pay more in the long run for less content.

I have actually been thinking the exact same thing. We recently cut cable, and you start adding Netflix… HBO… soon to be Disney streaming… the bill ends up being almost the same as before. But, the main difference is you aren’t being nickel and dimed/taken from behind by Verizon (or other) with fees and bloated BS charges for extra cable boxes, DVR features, etc. I’d still rather pay the same amount as previously, but with more focus, control, and flexibility with what exactly I’m paying for each month.

This has actually played a big part in me spending more time on YouTube than television. There’s no way I’m paying for all that.

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