Google Photos now has a Favorites feature

I know a lot of people love Google Photos, but sometimes you realize that the service is missing some elementary stuff. For example, there hasn’t been a Favorites feature until now. Google has announced that, over the next week, it’s rolling out that functionality. You’ll be able to tap a star at the upper right of any photo in your library, and it’ll automatically show up in Favorites.

A Favorites album is created as soon as you begin starring images. And that’s pretty much it! Nothing fancy. If you don’t see the option to star a photo, you don’t have Favorites just yet. The wait shouldn’t be more than a few days, though.

Photos will also soon let users heart photos that have been shared with them, making things feel a little more social and Instagram-like. At I/O earlier this month, Google announced other new Photos features that include AI-suggested quick edits to improve photos, color pop, and the ability to colorize old images. The first two of those new capabilities have already rolled out to users.

As for the other low-hanging fruit that Google hasn’t yet addressed, users have plenty of suggestions for things that should probably already be in there.


that’s great! something I literally didn’t think about now I can’t wait to have.
love it when shit like that happens.

This was one of the features that made me prefer Apple Photos, aside from better privacy perhaps.

Another good feature would be desktop clients for Windows and Mac. I do not like having to open a browser to access my photos. A desktop client feels much more "there".

Well the funny thing is that there is a desktop version, it is called picasa, however they have stopped development of it. It also used to have the favorite feature, so it was about time Google photo got it.

It is funny I just deleted all my photos off of Google Photos but not before I downloaded a hard copy of all them to my computer. Apple Photos only its only my nerves with the fact you can’t be on power saver mode to download photos.

Why do people need a desktop client for basic stuff these days.

Apple hasn’t one either for Windows nor does Flickr. They offer picture dump in explorer through iCloud though.

Windows 10 has a crappy UWP photo manager but for some reason it doesn’t read photos from the Google Drive folders, even if they are local.

In 2018 desktop clients for basic consumer needs are usually bad experiences. Web clients just work when you are connected.

You kinda can make it behave like a separate app if you have chrome installed (more tools > add to desktop (check "open as window"). It really just opens the web version, but without tabs/bars/etc you get a couple a bit more screen real estate. There’s also electron-based web wrapper somewhere around the internets, so you can do the same thing if you don’t use chrome.

I love this on iOS for no other reason than it makes finding the exact photo I want to upload so much easier.

I can look through my photos app and then favourite the ones I want, then open the app I want to upload them in.

doesn’t sound like much but when I’ve got close to 10,000 photos scrolling back can be tedious!

that’s why: search

Hmm, what day did I take that one picture? Oh well, let me dig through the folders to find it.

search doesn’t help when I have a dozen (or more) photos that look nearly identical.

unless you can search "cat on couch but slightly higher and flatter perspective with more front leg extended and more sun shining plus less exposure"

You can manually tag by renaming those identified faces, removing and merging the duplicates. Tho for now that’s it. You need to train your algorithms first

"Since out Photo app is so popular, let’s bring a chat feature into it. Users will love it!"
—-somewhere in Google management meeting.

I mean, if it’s out of the way I don’t care. Make it Instagram lite.

Google Photos is my fav piece of software EVER. Crazy words I know, but the assistant is like Instagram or Facebook of only the pics I want to see. Lol.

Most wanted feature is the person tagging. Second use the nifty auto features at my whim. (Ie auto-movie an album, or see what color pops looks like on a photo) Third, captions are sometimes cool: surface them better.

I have 180k photos uploaded. Just yesterday it surfaced pictures of my grandmother I didn’t know exsisted.

Manual tagging needs to be a thing right now. Also manual color pops.

I love and hate the fact that Photos has only the basic features and nothing more and that they add little things over time.

So please no chat, mentions, games, premium features, etc.

Maybe someday they’ll have a "delete all" feature.

Hahaaha yeah right,

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