Instagram now lets you mute your friends

At long last, Instagram is adding the option to mute people from appearing in your feed. With an update rolling out “over the coming weeks,” you’ll be able to choose to remove someone’s posts, or both their posts and their stories, from appearing on Instagram’s main screen. You’ll still be able to view a muted person’s profile; you can unmute them any time you want; and the person won’t be told that they’ve been muted.

This feature is long overdue. While you can always unfollow someone, that often isn’t a realistic option — you can’t unfollow a close relative just because they post 12 times a day, for instance, even if they really deserve it. Now you’ll be able to choose to mute the offending profile instead, thus preserving any IRL relationships. (If only there was an option to automatically like one of their posts a day, too.

Social media networks are often slow to add mute features, presumably because they’d rather have as much content to display to you as possible. But as networks get older and older, and people add more and more friends on them, their feeds start to get clogged up. Adding a mute button is far more respectful of our actual relationships, so it’s about time that Instagram added one. I apologize in advance to all my coworkers.



About freaking time.

Thank you! It’s about time. I have a friend, who is a good person, but she is bitterly single and posts about it every 30 minutes.

Just stop following people then

No, this is more for family who spam the TL.

Sometimes you just want to stop seeing people’s shit posts without causing a rift. Like I could unfollow my cousin who is getting into some pyramid scheme and have to deal with the weird family drama that follows, or I can mute them and everyone stays happy. Very welcome feature.

What kind of pyramid scheme? I literally keep track of these things to warn my family against them. My best defense is assuming nobody wants to help me make money.

It’s a cosmetics one called Limelife. It’s the same as all of them, alienate your friends and family and put vinyl stickers on your car to make sure strangers avoid you too. "You too can be your own boss right from the comfort of your own home!"

I try to tell people, nobody is running around trying to help you become your own boss. Sucks but people fall for it, sometimes out of desperation.

Ayee. Great so I can (don’t roast me boyos) follow dumb meme pages so my friend doesn’t send me memes that are "unable to see because you don’t follow." And for people that spam pictures.

THIS. People are always fowarding me memes from private pages that I have to follow to see, then unfollow because the page posts too much. Most of the time I just "LOL" having never seen the meme.

Instagram still needs to fix this. Why can we send pictures someone else can’t see? Seems pointless.

you can’t unfollow a close relative just because they post 12 times a day, for instance, even if they really deserve it.

Why not? Am I really the only one that finds it ridiculous that people feel like that can’t unfollow another person on social media? I have close friends that I’ve unfollowed because their posts are annoying and we joke about it when we see each other.

Some of us have very sensitive friends and family who we don’t feel like dealing with over this. I know I do. It’s not a use case for you personally but it makes sense.

But if they get upset, can’t you just tell them to get over it and stop putting so much importance on a program you browse when you’re on the toilet? If they get that upset and stop talking to you, then you’re kind of doing yourself a favor by getting a pathetic soul like that out of your life. WIN-WIN!

Or, I could just unfollow them and not have to deal with how I unfollowed them at the next 5 or 6 family get togethers.

I’m assuming iOS first?

But why not mure just stories?! I follow so many people I don’t personally know, artist that put out great content, but I don’t really care what they have for lunch or how they hang out on the couch.
Would greatly appreciated if I could reduce the stories to just those poeple where I care about their daily, personal lifes.

You already can, it’s been a feature from the start. Just press and hold on their story circle and choose mute …

I actually didn’t know this, but I don’t care if I have 100 stories. I usually don’t pay them any attention.

Thank you so much

you can’t unfollow a close relative just because they post 12 times a day, for instance, even if they really deserve it.

Serious question: Why not?

Surely it’s super easy to tell your sibling/whoever that they need to cool it with the daily #mealprep photos or you’ll unfollow. Then because of your closeness they might actually change their wicked ways?…

Still doesn’t allow me to post public posts while remaining private.

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