Nintendo starts selling cheaper Switch bundle without dock in Japan

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Nintendo is now selling a cheaper Switch package in Japan that doesn't include the TV dock. The “Switch 2nd Unit Set” is ostensibly aimed at households that already have a Switch hooked up to the family TV and therefore don't need a second dock, but it could also be an option for players who only plan to use the system as a handheld device.

The 24,980-yen ($226) bundle comes with the Switch tablet, two Joy-Con controllers, and two Joy-Con strap attachments, meaning you're saving 5,000 yen (~$45) on the regular Switch package. It's not just the dock that's excluded, though — the Joy-Con Grip and HDMI cable are obvious omissions, but the lack of an AC adapter will be a bigger problem for anyone who doesn't already have one. The dock and adapter set costs 9,698 yen when sold separately, though you can also charge the system with a generic USB-C solution.

This doesn't quite amount to a price cut, then, and there's no word on whether this package will make it elsewhere; Nintendo may decide it makes more sense for Japanese households, which tend not to have more than one TV. But it does lower the entry price to the Switch's software library — and pushing the idea that the Switch is a personal device, rather than one to be shared by the whole family, is probably a good idea for the company's bottom line.


I would buy this but I need a bigger discount.

Even if two systems were sharing one dock for TV play, I’d think you would want the ability to charge the second unit without docking it to the TV.

It’s just USB Type C, don’t need the dock to actually charge it.

USB type C charging is a mess. There are many standard. Swich is infamous for bricking when used with third party charger.

That was with USB-C TV dongles that were doing power charging and TV output.

For just charging unless you find some sort of USB charger that sends more than 39 watts of power (15V 2.6A) you will be fine. Even my Essential Phone Quick Charger Isn’t that powerful and it’s higher than the norm.

It may charge slower depending on the phone charger but if Switches start breaking at lower power requirement then Nintendo has a problem.

So buy the official charger.

Really man? I should buy an official charger when I have lots of USB-C charger lying around? That line is getting old. It’s Nintendo’s fault that this whole mess with their Switch has been happening. They didn’t follow the set forth guidelines for USB-C and then never informed the customer about it. Typical shady company!

What guidelines didn’t the follow?

Just think of the dock as a charger. As long as it’s not in use with the other Switch, it doesn’t interfere with the TV by being in the dock.

I would assume this would come with an official Nintendo wall charger. It’s not just for people who want more than one switch. Also in case you didn’t know the wall charger plugged into the dock will work as a direct connection to the switch if you are traveling and don’t want to carry the dock too.

I’d be up for this. Our son wants to get a Switch and we already own one. I already have a second charger that I purchased for travel use so charging wouldn’t be an issue. Fingers crossed we see this.

Prices for used switches are dropping. probably could find one at that price of craiglist before/if this cheaper version comes out here

Can’t be, because then it’s a handheld, and it’s not a replacement for the 3DS, it’s only a replacement for the commercial failure of Wii U (the system that only sold 4,000 hardware units worldwide over the course of its 2 month lifespan). I mean it’s not like Game Freak said they’re moving Pokemon from 3DS to Switch or anything, no, this is only a Wii U replacement, not a 3DS replacement.

actually they did say that ultra sun and moon was the last mainline pokemon game for the 3ds as they pushed the system to its limits and the next one is coming to switch so. Also of course, the switch was birthed out of the failure of the wiiu bc they expanded on what worked and what didn’t. I definitely think maybe outside of one more revision, they’ll produce the 3ds as long as they can profit on it, tho with the myriad of ports i think we’re going to see it slow down after this year or so

GameFreak is moving Pokemon to Switch……
You be stupid not to considering how old 3DS hardware is.

My sarcasm detector is throwing up errors on this post, but basically I think I agree with you on the premise that Nintendo is only pretending the 3DS has a future.

On the subject of this, this needs to be 200 flat for not including a charger, tho i suppose most people can get a portable battery or type-c charger for cheaper than 45. I’m surprised they didn’t just do this earlier with the docks being sold separately, make them not collect as much dust on shelves and give people a nice entry point.

I do hope that maybe the next model would have wireless charging to make things a bit easier, tho i suppose that’ll be bad for the battery

I think they didn’t do it because the costs of these must be pretty low for Nintendo and they can still make a nice markup out of them.

You can use a regular QC usb-c charger to charge the Switch. Probably not as fast a usb PD charger but it does the job well enough. That’s how I charge my Switch at work.

Needs to be $200 with all the stuff is missing.

The AC adapter missing is bizarre. Sure there is a market of people who will never plug their Switch into a TV (I’ve used my Switch docked maybe once or twice in over a year), but USB-C chargers are far from ubiquitous right now.

Not a bad idea as my dock is still in the box. If they can bring the price down to $200, that would be insane.

I can’t fathom buying an electronic device that didn’t come with a charge cable. That honestly doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve plugged my Switch into the USB C cable I have by the couch for my phone, so I get the fact that you can get by without it.. but it’s still an egregious omission.

I didn’t know about Japanese homes typically only having one TV, but I’m not surprised. Though I have heard that handheld portable gaming has long been more popular there than here. So it makes sense on that front too.

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