Apple patent shows Siri providing smart replies when you can’t answer the phone

Apple is exploring ways that Siri could play a helpful role in explaining why you had to decline a phone call. As AppleInsider notes, a new patent shows that by factoring in context (such as your iPhone’s location or whether Do Not Disturb is enabled) and analyzing who the call is from, Siri might be able to produce custom responses that are more specific to your current situation than the canned messages you can send now when rejecting a call.

Images in the patent application show Siri pulling from Apple Maps and suggesting a smart reply that includes the street you’re on and how long it’ll take to reach your destination. That could be useful if you’re running late for a week meeting or dinner plans. Another identifies the caller’s boss and presents similar location-based responses — but without mentioning “home” as it did in the other conversation. Apple shows several examples of the feature that involve CarPlay.

The company already offers a list of simple, generic responses that you can pick when a call comes in that you can’t or don’t want to answer. The Do Not Disturb While Driving feature introduced in iOS 11 can automatically alert a caller that the reason you’re unavailable is that you’re behind the wheel. Apple is seemingly trying to make those messages a bit smarter and more situation-specific. Google has also been working to offer smart replies across many of its own apps and on Android.

Photo by Michele Doying / The Verge

Apple’s “Intelligent Digital Assistant for Declining an Incoming Call” patent was filed in late 2016. It hasn’t been turned into an actual iOS feature yet, but who knows what’s ahead at WWDC, which is less than two weeks away.



Looks like a VW head unit

Definitely a VW Golf… This should be a vast improvement over the VW voice commands.

VW’s CarPlay and Android auto integration is already the best I’ve experienced in a car so it’s almost not surprising that Apple used the MK7 Golf dashboard in their patent illustrations.

Funny though.

How about I just don’t answer the phone when I am unavailable? The person calling doesn’t need to know why or where or when.

And the beautiful thing is, you would still have that option. What a world.

What exactly about this method is trying to get patented? This type of functionality already exists all over the place doesn’t it?

Whenever I see incredibly generic patent photos like this about a function that already exists in a lot of places, knowing our patent system, I feel it just screams "just in case we need to sue someone"

It’s less in case we need to sue someone and more in case someone tries to sue us. All the big seven do this as protection clauses. They usually never end in court unless it’s a blatant ripoff in which it severely effects their bottom line. Patent trolls have created this world.

Sure, after Apple saw their primary competitor with AI technology to answer and act as a vocal assistant on the phone Apple jumped right on the patent hoarding bandwagon to block competitive innovation by patenting ever possible vocal assistant interaction not already covered.

Also I am pretty sure Siri would respond, "Sorry, but the person you have called is taking a crap,.
Starting FaceTime."

Starting FaceTime with HD Audio….


The patent is one and a half years old. #ReadingComprehension

Siri is so bad that I sometimes wonder what Apple is really doing over there. I mean literally when I say hey sire and give it a command. It transcribed exactly what I said, but then proceed to ask if I was asking for something else. Its mind blowing! While Alexa and google assistance are leaping ahead. Hell, google assistance on my iPhone is smarter than Siri.

apple duplex

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