The redesigned, improved 1Password is now available on Windows

Image: AgileBits
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Days after releasing it on the Mac, AgileBits is bringing the redesigned, improved 1Password 7 update to its Windows users. All of the key upgrades from the macOS update also make their way to the Windows version, but with the addition of Windows Hello support (including face login and fingerprint authentication).

As a quick recap, 1Password 7’s new selling points are its easier-to-read sidebar, a handy pop-out window for quick password access when using apps that 1Password can’t autofill on its own, and the Have I Been Pwned? database, which allows you to determine whether you’ve been impacted by the growing number of huge data breaches.

Pricing remains the same: customers can pay $2.99 per month for a yearly subscription or $4.99 monthly for a family account; both plans have 30-day trials. You can also buy an individual license for $49.99 for a limited time, which will bump up to $64.99 after the launch offer. That lets you use 1Password 7 on all your Windows devices, but just keep in mind that the Windows and Mac versions require separate purchases if you don’t want to subscribe.


They’ve really lagged behind (like a year plus) on Windows releases in the past. Nice to see them at parity now. Gonna update tonight because why not.

I find it a bit tricky to release a new version but force the user to buy a new license… I have purchased the bundle for OSX and Windows (Version 4) and now an upgraded version should cost me extra money? Hell no.

Welcome to two years ago. 1Password is now subscription based. No need to constantly buy a "package". Unless you’re "one of those people".

Yeah, I saw that… but I think I’ll stay with the app instead of paying on more service, it’s stacking a lot lol

Upgraded version includes extra work. It makes sense that it costs extra money — it did cost money to produce. If you believe that you don’t need that extra work — you don’t have to pay. (What you are essentially saying is: "I’ve already paid to watch Star Wars 4, no way in hell am I paying for the rest of them!").

From what I could see it’s a revamp in design, the core of the app is the same for all versions, correct me if I’m wrong.

I think version 7 coupled with access to the cloud version is a very worthy upgrade even in comparison to version 6 synced with Dropbox. It works even smoother than before and you get the whole package.

What I really, really don’t like as a customer, is how on their website and in the app, they are trying to manipulate you into buying the subscription with annual payment. I know it’s preferable from a business perspective, but please let me easily get info on how much the other options cost: monthly payment, perpetual license etc.

Be transparent about your pricing.

Any advantage to this over LastPass?

It feels substantially better, it’s more secure, it has more features and they work better. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially that there’s a relatively generous (by today’s standards) 30-day trial.

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