Instagram quietly added an in-app payments feature

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Instagram just quietly added an in-app payments feature as a test appearing for some users, as first spotted by TechCrunch today. The feature lets users add a credit or debit card and a pin for additional security. After the initial setup, users can make purchases from within Instagram. Currently, some users are able to book appointments at spas and restaurants through a third-party integration with dinner reservation app Resy.

Instagram confirmed to The Verge that users are able to book services from a limited number of businesses on the platform. The payments feature appears to be a continuation of Instagram’s plans from March 2017 to give business profiles the option to let users book services. It’s only rolled out to some users, although in the March announcement, Instagram said it would roll out the feature later in 2017. It appears that never happened, and the roll out is just now beginning, albeit in a test phase.

Given how many influencers on Instagram already peddle different products from wonder bras to holographic Macbook cases, there are plenty of businesses out there that could make use of the feature if Instagram does decide to fully expand in-app payments.

A sample of what the feature would look like, from an Instagram blog in March 2017.


This is great, but what kind of a cut is Instagram taking?


A marketplace, maybe? Similar to FB..

I think these are all great features but Instagram should be wary of becoming bloated and too feature heavy.

Then a new cool startup will make a basic photo sharing app, get a shitload of users, then facebook will buy them and the cycle will repeat, forever.

"quietly added". Yeah, it’s called testing and companies don’t advertise it.

Man….. Instagram is going to start sucking.

Blame Facebook. Everything they touch instantly turns into bloat.

This is huge for Instagram’s (Facebook’s) revenues. They’ve already moved rapidly into putting actual products in their photos, and this is the next step – no more needing to leave the page. Look, tap, buy.

The feature they need to add is the ability to transfer money to each other like paypal. since everyone is on instagram. Example – splitting of checks at dinners or just paying someone back from a night of drinking etc. this would be awesome…i know in asia we chat does that

I dont trust FB with my money.

Huh when I clicked on the article I was expecting something like "Pages can be locked behind a paywall, pay to view!" but this could be useful.

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