Atari’s retro VCS console is now available for preorder

Atari VCS
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Atari is now letting fans preorder the retro-style VCS console. The Atari VCS includes a design inspired by the Atari 2600 Video Computer System, and two models will be available for preorder today. A “collector’s edition” with a wood-front finish is available for $299, and a black Onyx edition is priced at $199. Both models and classic joysticks or modern controllers are all available exclusively on Indiegogo, and Atari says it plans to ship the consoles in mid-2019.

Atari’s console is designed to look retro, but inside, it has modern hardware. Atari has partnered with AMD to create a custom processor for the VCS, and the console runs a variant of Linux to play both classic Atari games and some PC titles. The VCS will even support 4K resolution, HDR, and 60 fps games. It also includes built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, a USB 3 port, and expandable storage. You’ll also be able to connect up USB game controllers, mice and keyboards, webcams, microphones, or speakers and headphones.

Atari is shipping the VCS with its Atari Vault, which includes more than 100 classic games. Asteroids, Centipede, Breakout, and Gravitar will all be playable on the VCS, alongside PC games that aren’t too intensive. You can preorder the Atari VCS on Indiegogo.


The VCS will even support 4K resolution, HDR

Are they trying to push this as a Nvidia Shield competitor?

(This would make sense since they’re using AMD hardware)

They have been careful with their wording, offering 4K HDR 60fps content. They never specified games. I have a feeling that 4K HDR 60fps content will be video streaming.

They’re positioning this as a piece of as vague as possible gaming hardware.

If you give money to this, you’re just giving Atari the means to pay to fund what is essentially an Ouya. I want to see actual game footage and have not seen anything. Their web page is just one page and has not one screenshot or video. The only game footage I’ve seen is Centipede for the 2600…. that’s not compelling 30 years later.

Yea this is such a scam.

Sad to see the Atari name stoop this low. It’s almost as bad (but not quite) as what’s happened to "Amiga" and the turd-stain bottoms feeders bickering over it.

Crowdfunding again being exploited. It is a damn s*xy thing though… give me my wooden Switch dock/PS4 right now…

Can’t get to IndieGoGo at this moment to check, but is there anything other than the wood finish to justify that $100 difference in models?

It’s Limited, has it right there , in the title…….didn’t expound on how it’s limited, but you know it’s special, just like when that is used on a Ford Explorer

Pffft, I’m waiting for the Atari VCS Eddie Bauer Edition

no, but worth noting it’s actually a $70 difference because the black model with joystick is 230, not 200.

Hmm it will have Steam support so I would say this is more a steambox not an ouya.

It may technically be a low-end Steambox but it feels very OUYA.

Why would you preorder a console that doesn’t have any games announced or third party support? Even the Ouya got better press than this.

Can the gaming industry really support another player? We already have Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, and Nvidia Shield.

Let’s not forget mobile devices and true retro consoles. I’d say yes, there’s still room

Well, if it has Atari Vault then it has Major Havoc, so at least it’s got that going for it. It won’t play too great on either of the available controllers, though.

Not gonna lie, nothing about this seems sketchy, and you should all definitely give your pre-order money for…whatever this is. It definitely seems like a very, very good investment.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I mean no offense to Atari but I don’t think their back catalog has the same appeal as Nintendo’s. I think this has to do with the fact that the main iconic games are very primitive by today’s standards ( not counting the Lynx/Jaguar more like pitfall and pole position). What niche is thing supposed to fulfill? Is it a retro 2600 mini or an android tv streaming box with controllers? Both? If it’s trying to sell itself as a stream box, why not just get the shield tv and emulate the classics?

I think Atari back catalog is much, much less appealing than nintendo’s. Some nes games – and certainly some snes games – still feel modern. I think Atari would be better served making modern versions of their old IP. Like a modern centipede.

I’ve never seen the point of this system, still don’t maybe I’m missing something. They already released a series of other retro 2600/7800 consoles (the flashback) a number of years ago which I think covered most of library that Atari would be interested in. I think at one point in time I owned a flashback 2 or 3, got it used for 20 bucks off Kijiji.

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