Microsoft is killing off Groove Music iOS and Android apps

Microsoft retired its Groove Music streaming service last year, but promised to keep investing in the app for Windows 10 users. That investment won’t continue for iOS and Android users, though. “Tomorrow we’re notifying customers that on December 1, 2018, the Groove Music iOS and Android apps will also be retired and, effective June 1, are no longer available for download,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge.

The app removal means you’ll no longer be able to use Groove Music as a locker service to access MP3s or other audio files from Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service. However, Microsoft says music files will “continue to be available and playable on OneDrive” and other apps can access them. That’s not the same type of experience (with album art and music controls) that Groove Music users have come to expect, but Microsoft has obviously given up on offering a music app across major mobile platforms.


Hmmm maybe I should switch from Office 365 to Google Drive for music locker (I know it’s free but then again Google Photos is really good).

I have zero confidence in Microsoft as a consumer brand, so no more Andromeda BS for me anymore.

They are focus on what it works… So Office 365 will be even better over the time!

Better than the crap it is now isn’t saying much

So then what exactly do you claim to be better!?

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

lol.. no.

Google Docs and stuff are good and can get most jobs done and collaboration works well, but Office is still miles ahead in functionality. It’s things like not being able to auto advanced slides and loop a presentation is asinine.

However, Microsoft says music files will "continue to be available and playable on OneDrive" and other apps can access them.

This will be a problem for me if there is no third-party replacement by December. Does anyone know of other iOS apps that have OneDrive Music streaming built-in?

No, there isn’t any. They didn’t open up that music library/streaming API. There’s OneDrive file access API but that won’t be the same, isn’t it.

Better just switch to iTunes Match, Google Play, or iBroadcast. I’m glad I prepared for this.

Actually, I believe they do. After trying many apps I found this one:

"Weve Cloud Music"

It looks like a Groove clone but also works with Google Drive and support local songs. DoubleTwist is good but it’s not free.

DoubleTwist advertises their CloudPlayer can draw from OneDrive, but I’ve never used the streaming side of that app before.

CloudPlayer is excellent. I’ve never used it on iOS, but I have found it far superior to Groove on Android for a while now. For one, Groove couldn’t browse albums by artist which drove me crazy (even though Groove on W10/W10M could). CloudPlayer also has Android Auto support, radio support, and is more customizable than Groove.

Noted, thank you!

(Really is sad to see good services perish, as well as the Mobile version of Windows 10, that really had so much potential)

DoubleTwist has no iOS apps it seems. Dang.

Ah, my mistake. I did a quick search to see if it was in the App Store but didn’t click on the link… and yeah, the hit that came up is entirely unaffiliated.

That’s weird… I started using the app originally as an iTunes replacement. Hmm.


Groove was never alive

Microsoft fan here, but I agree, Groove app for Android was very poor compared with other Android music apps, it couldn’t even play your music from your microSD card, what a junk of software!

It’s as better than Google Play Music that has virtually no sorting ability and hell bent on keeping me away from my music collection. But by no means was Groove an excellent app on Android.

Groove as a streaming service is dead. Groove on anything except Windows is dead.

Groove is sill the default music player on Windows, still plays your One Drive music out of the box on Windows. Its a pretty nice player for local/One Drive content.

Well, that sucks. I actually use that. Hopefully, they keep it on Xbox.

The Android & iOS apps were terrible. The "Groove Music" branding was a terrible idea from the start.

I never understood the point of Groove. It’s not like they were even trying to compete with Spotify or Apple Music. We’re they really at all serious about it or did I completely miss their attempts at building the brand?

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