Now Russia wants Zuckerberg to testify for them, too

Lawmakers in Russia want Mark Zuckerberg to testify before them, as well. The Moscow Times reports that during Wednesday’s session of the upper house of the Russian Parliament, a senator proposed summoning Zuckerberg. In response, Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said that she would “issue an order,” and that they would “organize his arrival.”

Zuckerberg testified before the European Parliament two weeks ago, and before two separate Congressional committees in the US last month. The American legislators repeatedly brought up the specter of Russian influence in the 2016 election through Facebook and other social media.

Russian senators want Zuckerberg to testify on topics such as information security, privacy, and the “dissemination of harmful content.”

When one senator objected to the visit on the grounds that Zuckerberg was a “Russophobe,” Speaker Mativyenko responded, “Why shouldn’t the Federation Council enter into dialogue and ask him about his Russophobic statements?”

In the last year, Facebook has acknowledged a degree of Russian influence over political discourse, providing to Congress examples of US-targeted political ads bought by Russian groups, and suspending pages and accounts linked to a Russian misinformation agency.

We asked Facebook if Zuckerberg would respond to the summons, and have not yet heard back.


LMAO!! My thoughts exactly!

This has officially become a circus.

God bless you! Came here just to post that!

No, fairy tale man bless you for coming here just to post THAT!

If I was the Zuck I wouldn’t go. Most Russians don’t use facebook any way. They use a copycat, VKontakte, which is more or less identical. The founder of VK, Pavel Durov, was ousted from the company for refusing to hand over protester personal data to the Kremlin. He is now in exile and VK is run by Putin allies.

If Zuck shows up it will be two hours of loaded questions and accusations about Russophobia because facebook was forced to take action against the coordinated propaganda campaign of the Internet Research Agency. Zuckerberg absolutely should have testified to congress and the EU parliament about the Cambridge analytica scandal but if he goes to Russia it will all be political theater by Putin allies to tell him that Putin knows more about his company than he does.

It’s not identical! It has all the pirated music and video stuff!

The V stands for Vladimir.

This is so bs, and part of the reason why you’re all accepting Facebook’s monopoly.

If you provide the same service, you’re seeing as a copycat. It’s like if you become a car manufacturer, you make Ford copycats. That’s not how it works.

I remember people used to say the same about Telegram: then they saw how Telelgram is constantly evolving and it is now such a fantastic platform, while Whatsapp is a lazy af messaging app (i don’t have a nicer way to describe it, sorry).

VK is no different, or at least it was when Pavel Durov was involved: it started as the russian version of Facebook but it promised much more security and privacy features since the very beginning, and other features like video and music player,…

Now that the government owns it, it’s just a platform where they can control russian citizens better, unfortunately.

This just in: Hackensack, New Jersey wants Zuckerberg to give empty soundbites for the cameras, too. Also, Schenectady and Topeka are lining up. Also, they’d like to privately discuss their facebook reelection campaigns afterwards.


Mister Zucker, like rest of world we are upset about your action on election interference. Ljudmila can no longer buy Black life matter ads because she has no American passport. Remove limitations immediately

Rumor is they will offer Zuck $500 million, a tiny giraffe, and peeing prostitutes to keep Facebook available to them as a platform to disrupt future elections.

Russian senators want Zuckerberg to testify on topics such as information security, privacy

That’s hilarious.

Well, unlike the Europeans they might actually let him answer a few questions instead of just talking amongst themselves for an hour.

They just want to meet him and thank him for getting their Man( Trumhead) though the door.

FB Would tour 2018-2019, everybody wants to see Zuck live. What a show!

Of course, the Russians are trolling.

Russian senators want Zuckerberg to testify on topics such as information security, privacy

Lol, Russia government and privacy

"Russia orders Telegram to hand over users’ encryption keys"


This is just trolling from the Russians. They just want to take pictures with Zuck.

In The Verge comments: Russian lives and privacy don’t matter! Facebook should screw them over!

You guys are disgusting. They have every right to ask this of Zuckerberg.

Yes because the Russian federation is such a glowing exemplar of protected privacy and government discretion. Lets let the same people that joke about Journalists being murdered demand accountability from Mark Zuckerberg.

They certainly have a great sense of humour.

Russians primary social media is VK, Facebook is not even a relevant player when it comes to Russian concerns over user privacy. This is fishy at best, and serves a propaganda angle at worst.

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