Apple shutting down Texture’s Windows magazine app after acquisition

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Texture, the magazine subscription service that Apple purchased back in March, plans to shut down its Windows app at the end of June. Users were informed of the discontinuation this week through emails and a note inside the app, which said that after June 30th, “this app will stop working and will no longer be available in the Microsoft Store.” Texture’s Android, Amazon Fire, and iOS apps will still be supported.

While this might sound like a case of Apple immediately cutting off users outside of its ecosystem, the discontinuation of Texture’s Windows app may have been a long time coming. The app seemingly hasn’t been updated in some time, and on the Windows Store, it’s inundated with bad reviews dating back years about how poorly the app works. Multiple reviews mention being unable to download magazines, which is kind of the entire point of the app.

In a note on its website, Texture wrote that it needed to shut down the Windows app to “keep things working smoothly.” Apple declined further comment.

Texture isn’t available on the web, so subscribers on Windows will have to pick up another device to continue using the service. Given Apple’s increasing interest in media, it would make sense for the company to eventually provide a cross-platform way to access all of the content it distributes. But for now, there’s no word of a new service that’ll work on Windows.


The app seemingly hasn’t been updated in some time, and on the Windows Store, it’s inundated with bad reviews dating back years about how poorly the app works. Multiple reviews mention being unable to download magazines, which is kind of the entire point of the app.

So it’s basically mercy killing.

I totally agree. The Windows app is horrible, so not having it may just be the best options. Having a broken app is worse than not having one at all, as it implies effort is being spent on it.

It’s a day ending in a y so as usual, it’s the for an apple dick move. Apple has done this before. Remember hopstop? It was available on Windows phone until Apple bought it and had it pulled. Remember when people used to be afraid of Microsoft buying something then making it Windows exclusive? I guess that kinda paranoia only goes one way. As for low reviews. Developers put apps stuff in Windows they wouldn’t DARE put on iOS or Android. Apps that don’t have feature parity with their Apple or Google counterparts. Then when people don’t like that app, the developers cries there’s no market success to be had in Windows. You want a good current example of that. Look at pocket cast. Their Windows 10 app is a "PWA". You have to pay $9 to use it. The iOS version cost 1/3 that price, has more features and it can be used offline. I knew the moment Apple bought it, it would even in its current state be pulled. So on June 30, I’ll cancel my texture account and who ever made that service better learn to live on whatever money they got from Apple. Because I’ll never use what they make. As for Apple, I’ll never buy ANYTHING with their logo on it. EVER!

Tell us how you really feel.

I am absolutely sure that the people who made Texture will be tremendously affected by your decision to not give them an additional $9.99 in the future.

I also note that Apple seems to have immediately pulled all of Texture’s podcast sponsorships.

It part of the Apple "courage" movement! Now Apple is take "Courage" to the Texture Windows subscription app and shut it down on the Windows PC platform! I feel for the Texture Windows users not getting any support!

In fairness to Apple, and as the article noted, Texture itself is really to blame for the sad state of the Windows app. When I first subscribed to Texture I was excited to see that there was a Windows app. It seemed like a natural fit for a Surface Pro device. But the app truly sucked, especially when held beside the iPad app. So I kept Texture on my iPad and gave up on the idea of it on my SP4.

If you really want to read magazines on a PC, Zinio is still a pretty decent choice.

Shh don’t you know people don’t read articles. Than how they will belittle Apple with there insults..

Yea totally, but.. the flip side is committing to fixing it or at least to bringing the future iteration of whatever it ends up being (I’m sure the other ones will get shut down in time as well) to Windows. I get they don’t want to play their cards early for something like this. But… they absolutely could have said they would be back in some way at some time. They have the money and the ability to be multi-platform and let their services not only be multi-platform but actually usable outside of the walled garden. Let’s see if it happens. (My money is on, no. As I’m sure all of your guys’ is too)

the flip side is committing to fixing it or at least to bringing the future iteration of whatever it ends up being

The user numbers likely just didn’t support it. If there was a large enough user base on the scale of Android or FireOS they’d keep it around, but the reason why support was bad in the first place was probably because it wasn’t justifying the dev hours from a user/ financial standpoint.

No one in the family had used Texture in years, but I just re-discovered last month that I was still paying $15/mo all this time! Almost afraid to trace the transaction history, I keep forgetting to cancel these kinds of subscriptions and then keep kicking myself.

Then again… could be attractive once more with better pricing from Apple, hehe.

Second rant: Was just setting up new W10 machines (my old Surface Book crapped out after 1803, and others needed to be set up and taken for family travel). Quite a few UWP apps that I remembered seem to have been deprecated or fallen into disrepair, even if they’re still in the Store. Texture, iHeart, TuneIn, a lot of TV/movie apps, etc. And of course, others never came to the Store at all. Has things gotten worse? Let’s hope for PWA’s.

Speaking of, why does the Microsoft Store not list the date of the most recent update to an app, so we can tell if it has not been maintained in years? For example iOS App Store does, even lets you pull up the dates and descriptions of all past updates.

Or they could have, you know, fixed it. But of course there is no pass which to Apple, apologists will not give. Truly Teflon. Everything is a "feature" or can be rationalized.

Of course they could also, you know, take it down and dedicate those resources to making something new instead – perhaps something in UWA form, perhaps not. The only facts we have is this app wasn’t good, and they decided to shut it down – you’re jumping to a conclusion simply to be anti-Apple.

This is so clearly not motivated but any malice. They didn’t get rid of the Android or FireOS app. It’s just that the Windows user base probably wasn’t there to support the app in a way that would make sense to keep it around.

Yes, the hundreds of millions of people every day that go to work, fire up their Windows workstations, and then want to browse news or magazines on their breaks just isn’t lucrative enough to spend ten’s of thousands of dollars a year to maintain the application which is basically hosting a web service.

Well they clearly weren’t using Texture to do it, otherwise the app would have received more updates.

Apple’s services exist to help sell more Apple hardware. I am not sure why people continuously seem surprised over this.

google should do this to ios devices.. then there wont be anything called ios

And Google will lose a huge amount of money. And probbaly be sued for anticompetitive behaviour.

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